Top-10 Australian Baby Names for 2014

Here are the Top-10 Australian Baby Names for 2014 in comparison with 2013.Oliver repeated as the #1 boys’ name in both 2014 and 2013. Moving up on the boys’ list were: Noah, Jackson/Jaxon, Thomas, Mason, Lucas, Henry and Liam.

 2014 Boys                       2013 Boys

  1. Oliver                            Oliver
  2. Noah                             William
  3. Jack                               Jack
  4. Jackson/Jaxon             Noah
  5. William                         Jackson/Jaxon
  6. Thomas                         James
  7. Mason                           Thomas
  8. Lucas                             Ethan
  9. Henry                             Lucas
  10. Liam                               Cooper

On the girls’ list, the big news was that Ava moved up to #1 from the #3 rank last year. Also moving up on the girls’ list were: Amelia, Chloe, Ella, Sophie and Lily.

 2014 Girls                          2013 Girls

  1. Ava                                  Charlotte
  2. Amelia                            Olivia
  3. Charlotte                        Ava
  4. Olivia                              Emily
  5. Chloe                               Mia
  6. Ella                                  Amelia
  7. Sophie                             Ruby
  8. Mia                                   Sophia/Sofia
  9. Emily                                Chloe
  10. Lily                                    Sophie

I found this information at Baby Centre. There, you’ll find the top-20 most popular boys’ and girl’s names for 2014. For information about births from 1901 to 2013 go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Read this Humorous Article About New Jersey Place Names By Marian Mundy

I’ve never heard of Bernardsville, N.J. or the Bernardsville News, but they have a lifestyle writer named Marian Mundy who understands more about place names and baby naming than Nameberry and WaltzingMoreThanMatilda ever will.

I mention this because Pamela Redmond Satran of Nameberry recommended Detroit as an “unheard of name for 2014″ (she described it as “cool”). And because WaltzingMoreThanMatilda claimed (in support of Satran) to know a child named Detroit who loved his name. Question: if Detroit is an “unheard of name” how did an expert in Australian baby names know a kid named Detroit who loved the name which Satran had described as an “unheard of name” which implies that no one had ever used it?

Here’s what the commonsensical Marian Mundy wrote about a New Jersey place name, Camden: “The fact that they called the baby ‘Camden’ proves they don’t live in New Jersey. You have to wonder why anyone would name a kid after a rundown city on the Delaware.” In short, naming a child after the once-proud city of Detroit, now that it is contemplating bankruptcy and now that a leading Detroit museum is thinking about selling off its art masterpieces–is crazy.

Please, please, please, click on this link and read the Marian Mundy article. It is so outstanding I’m going to email her editor with this message: Marian Mundy deserves a raise and a bigger by-line. FYI, Mundy’s article is titled: “More Than a Few New Entries in the Baby Name Game.” It starts with a report about a detailed birth announcement that omitted the gender of the child and does a good job of turning that tragic event into one of the most amusing and perceptive articles I’ve read about names since the GQ article about baby naming by Drew Magary.