Parents Use Online Service to Pick a Name for Their Daughter

Just found an article about parents who used an online service, Reddit, to pick a name for their daughter. What caught my eye were the top two names Reddit chose: Luna and Amelia. I like both choices, a lot.
-Luna was my choice for Celebrity Baby Name of the Year in 2013. It’s also on my “Cool Names for Girls” list on
-Amelia is currently ranked #2 on my “Cool Names for Girls” list on Courageous Namesake Amelia Earhardt would be a great inspiration to any girl.

These findings suggest the value of my “Cool Names for Girls” list. First of all it’s free. Just click on the link below and check out all 48 cool names I’ve collected from a variety of sources. People who see the list understand the benefit of looking at names that have been ranked by parents looking for a cool name for their babies. Once you see how valuable this list is, I hope you’ll take a second and click on the “like” button for any names you think are cool. It’s a great way to help out other parents looking for cool names.

Are you wondering if there’s a similar list for boys? I thought you’d never ask. Use these links: Cool Names for Girls and Cool Names for Boys.

FYI, Nameberry defines “cool names” as names that will impress your friends. I think cool names will impress your child’s friends as well. Keep those ideas in mind as you search for a cool name for your baby.

Looking for Boys and Girls Names That Are Cool Right Now?

Finding names that are cool right now isn’t easy. Why? Names come in and out of favor over time, so many names, previously thought to be cool have lost their appeal and now seem stale or dated. I’ve created a list of cool names from a variety of sources and put them on an interactive website (, so you can find names that smart parents, like you, think are cool right now. If you’re looking for cool names for your baby, check out the top-ranked names by clicking on the links, below. And, while you’re at it, take a few seconds to vote for any of the newest or up-and-coming names on the lists that you think are cool–to help other parents find names for their baby boys and girls that are cool right now.

12 New-And Rising Cool Names for Boys: Dante, Rhett, Connor, Django, Bronson, Teo , Raj, Kendo, Chance, Flynn, Turner, Harley

8 New-And-Rising Cool Names for Girls: Camila, Carmen, Coco, Harper, Luna, Mia, Mila, Summer

New Year’s Resolutions for Baby Namers (A Quick List of Dont’s)

On New Year’s day I’m putting off writing my own New Year’s resolutions to dash off some resolutions for you. (Apparently, I haven’t outgrown my life-long habit of procrastination.) Here is quick list of don’ts based on posts I’ve written recently:

-Don’t pick a name that will come across as a joke (like North West).

-Don’t pick a weird name (like Shalini or Bronx Mowgli).

-Don’t wreck a perfectly good name by changing it so it will be hard to spell and pronounce (like Wilyam or Quaren).

-Don’t pick a name likely to subject your child to teasing or mockery (like Cricket, Rekker or Adolf).

-Don’t believe names promoted in blog posts are “cool” (like Neri, Sula or Tulsi) unless you’ve seen the data.

-Don’t believe or follow trends predicted for 2014 if the trends seem counterproductive (like giving girls boys’ middle names–or vice versa).

-Don’t name your child after a currently popular celebrity, because celebrities’ images can change almost overnight (like Miley or Lance).

-Don’t name your child after a character in a currently popular TV show, because TV shows’ images can change almost overnight (like “Duck Dynasty”).

-Don’t fear discussing names you like with friends, because you’re scared someone might steal the name. (Theft would confirm one of the names you like is cool.)

Happy Naming New Year!

Cute and Quirky Celebrity Girls’ Names from She Knows Parenting

Celebrity baby names aren’t all awful. Here’s a list of “cute and quirky” celebrity girls’ names selected by Kim Grundy of She Knows Parenting. A number  of the names in Grundy’s list are well worth considering. You’ll see the bright side of celebrity creativity and pizazz when you compare Grundy’s list with Nameberry’s list of “cool, unusual” names, which features weird names like these: Eulalie, Sula, Tulsi, Aliz, Hebe, Maelys, Carola and Domino. (I kid you not!)

Below are some of my favorite girls’ names on Grundy’s list:

•Everly: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

•Avery Grace: Angie Harmon

•Olive: Drew Barrymore

•Bryn: Bethenny Frankel

•Coco Riley: Courteney Cox and David Arquette

•Luna: Constance Marie

•Marlowe: Sienna Miller

It’s amazing that Nameberry thinks their list of rarely-used names (used on 10 or less babies) could possibly compete with Grundy’s “cute and quirky” list or my list of “cool names for girls” that were ranked (on’s interactive website) by smart people who care about names–like you.

P.S. I agreed with Grundy that parents should avoid Blue Ivy and North (West), but not because those two notorious names are “too well known.” The reason to avoid those names is that they call attention to Beyoncé and to Kim and Kanye–and will be an embarrassment their daughters and yours.

Latest Voting Results for “Cool Names for Girls” and “Cool Names for Boys” Just in Time for Holiday-Season Births

Here are the latest voting results for our lists of “Cool Names for Girls” and “Cool Names for Boys.” All the names marked with an asterisk have moved up since our last update. And, sources for each name are indicated in parentheses after each name. (I’m sure you’ll quickly notice that I’m doing  better at picking cool names for girls than cool names for boys, but that could change as more blog-readers vote.) FYI, I have listed  several up-and-coming boys’ and girls’ names which could dramatically change the composition of the both lists. (I hope you’ll enjoy viewing the new names I’ve added to both lists–from a variety of sources–and vote for the names you think are coolest.)

On the “Cool Names for Girls” list, names moving up since our last report were Catalina, Danica, Elena, Serena, Skye and Emilia. Altogether, there are 37 names to choose from on this list, including a new name I just added. Other names to consider that are just below the top ten include Gianna, Sloane, Tori and Ryann.

Cool Names for Girls (as of December 10)

  1. Annika (Bruce Lansky)
  2. Amelia (Bruce Lansky)
  3. Catalina* (Bruce Lansky)
  4. Cleo (Bruce Lansky)
  5. Lola (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
  6. Danica* (Bruce Lansky)
  7. Elena* (Bruce Lansky)
  8. Serena* (Bruce Lansky)
  9. Skye* (Bruce Lansky)
  10. Emelia* (Bruce Lansky)

On the “Cool Names for Boys” list, the three names that moved up since our last posting were Finn, Dante and Levi. Altogether there are 48 names to choose from on this list. Names to consider that are just below the top ten include: Rio, Hudson, Wyatt, Kendo, Cliff, Flynn, Turner, Bronson, Harley, Connor and Nico.

Cool Names for Boys (as of December 10)

  1. Chase (The Art of Naming)
  2. Finn* (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
  3. Hunter (The Art of Naming)
  4. Jett (The Art of Naming)
  5. Taj (The Art of Naming)
  6. Dante* (Bruce Lansky)
  7. Levi* (Bruce Lansky)
  8. Cruz (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
  9. Dash (The Art of Naming)
  10. Matteo (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)

More than 225 people have viewed each of our two lists on Ranker. To find them, just click on the link I’ve provided. I’d like reiterate how easy it is to vote: Just click on the blue “thumb up” icon to cast a positive vote; or click on the red “thumb down” icon to cast a negative vote. It only takes second to cast a vote. It’s easy and fun. And it will help expectant parents looking for the latest cool names for their babies. Because our Ranker lists include names from Nameberry, The Art of Naming and from me, they are the single most objective (and up-to-the-minute) source of cool names you can find. What a great way to “shop” for names that your friends (and your child’s friends) will think are cool.

Dear Bruce: You Said Carola Might Be Hard to Pronounce; I Agree.

Carola: I read your post about “Nameberry’s List of 100 Cool, Unusual Names” with great interest. You singled out Carola (my given name) for comment. You said the name might be difficult to pronounce. I agree.

As a little girl, I was not fond of my given name, Carola. I’m glad people used my nickname, Lola, which was very easy for Americans to pronounce. I was sent to boarding school in Germany after eighth grade for one year. When I arrived, I discovered that my given name, Carola, was not as unusual as it was in the States. There were at least six other girls named Carola at Heimschule Kloster Wald (my boarding school), but I told everyone to call me Lola!

FYI, Carola is pronounced ca-RRRROLE-ah (short a, long o, short a, emphasis on the second syllable–and  the r is rolled). As you can see, this name is difficult  for most  Americans to pronounce properly (unless they speak German fluently).

Bruce: Thanks so much for letting me know how to pronounce Carola. Truth is, I had no idea! In my post about Nameberry’s ”Cool, Unusual Names” article I listed several possible pronunciation options. Unfortunately, all of them were wrong. If I ever  meet someone wearing a badge at a conference announcing her given name as Carola, I will ask her how to pronounce the name before making a fool of myself. Thanks also for letting me know that Carola was a common name in Germany, when you went to school there. Thanks for telling us that you much preferred your nickname, Lola, to your given name, Carola, both in America and in Germany where Carola was a common name; both when you were a child and now that you are an adult.

As you may have noticed, the Nameberry article I was commenting on recommended 100 cool and unusual names which had been given to 10 or less girls in 2012 in the United States. The point of my blog post was that there are likely to be some very good reasons why names are only given to 10 or less people. The idea of claiming that 100 names used by 10 or less people are “cool” seems absurd! Your comments explain why that is true in the case of Carola. It’s a fine name for people living in Germany, but it can  be difficult for Americans to pronounce properly. I get the impression that the only people who call you Carola are the people at the Department of Motor Vehicles, when it’s time for you to renew your license.

It may interest you to visit my “Cool Names for Girls” Page on Why? Because Lola is one of the coolest names on the list (of about 35 names). Based on what you’ve written, I doubt that you would expect to find Carola on that list. And you’d be right. (The only people who think Carola is a cool name are the people at Nameberry.)

There Are 14 New Names on the “Cool Names for Boys” List: Which Are the Coolest?

There are now 14 new names on the “Cool Names for Boys” List on They came from a variety of sources including Nameberry, The Art of Naming and Bruce Lansky (me). Here they are: Chance, Steele Flynn, Flint, Cliff, Cash, Crash, Blaze, Trig, Nico, Raj, Dante, and Django.

Altogether, there are now 49 names on the list. So, if you’re looking for a cool name to give your son, this is probably the best place to find one. It has the best names from three different sources, so the coolest names will  rise to the top as the clunkiest names will be”sunk” by  negative votes. While you’re “shopping” for a cool name, I hope you’ll add your vote to give the best new names a push in the right direction. It only takes a second to click on the blue thumb up (if you like a name) or the red thumb down (if you don’t like a name). I should also mention that there are already several new names in the top-10–including one of the new names. (It’s hot.)  I’ll recap all the changes in a week or two.

P.S. I’ve also added some brand new names to the list of “Cool Names for Girls.” Take a look (and vote).