32 Names With Positive Meanings for Your Boy or Girl

Most recommended names have been assembled because they are popular, fashionable or because they are associated with celebrities. I’ve assembled these names because they have meanings which may appeal to parents looking for names with substance. I’ve selected 25 fairly common boys’ and girls’ names that may inspire and guide your child in a positive direction.

Just for fun, I’ve listed them two ways: names before meanings and meanings before names—so you consider the names you like best and the meanings you like best. Hopefully, you’ll find a name you like that has a meaning you like too.

Boys’ Names (Origins) Meanings

Angus (Scottish) exceptional, outstanding
Aubrey (German) noble
Asher (Hebrew) happy, blessed
Brian (Irish) strong, virtuous, honorable
Casey (Irish) brave
Charles (English) strong, manly
Charif (Lebanese) honest
Chen (Chinese) great, tremendous
Drew (Welsh) wise
Ferdinand (Spanish) adventurous, daring
Felix (Latin) happy, fortunate
Gareth (Welsh) gentle
Gilbert (English) trustworthy
Habib (Arabic) beloved
Justin (Latin) just, righteous
Kevin (Irish) handsome
Kareem (Arabic) noble, distinguished
Kohana (Lakota) swift
Leif (Scandinavian) beloved
Lowell (English) beloved
Maximillian (Latin) greatest
Nolan (Irish) famous, noble
Riley (Irish) valiant
Rashad (Arabic) wise counselor
Shalom (Hebrew) peace, peaceful
Sharif (Arabic) honest, noble
Tony (Latin) praiseworthy
Valiant (French) valiant
Victor (Latin) victor
Vijay (Hindi) victorious
Vitas (Latin) lively, vital
Xavier (Arabic) bright

Meanings: Boys’ Names (Origins)

Adventurous, daring: Ferdinand (Spanish)
Beloved: Habib (Arabic)
Beloved: Lowell (English)
Beloved: Leif (Scandinavian)
Brave: Casey (Irish)
Bright: Xavier (Arabic)
Exceptional, Outstanding: Angus (Scottish)
Famous, Noble: Nolan (Irish)
Gentle: Gareth (Welsh)
Great, Tremendous: Chen (Chinese)
Greatest: Maximillian (Latin)
Handsome: Kevin (Irish)
Happy, Blessed: Asher (Hebrew)
Happy, fortunate: Felix (Latin)
Honest, Noble: Sharif (Arabic)
Lively, vital: Vitas (Latin)
Noble: Aubrey (German)
Just, Righteous: Justin (Latin)
Noble, Distinguished: Kareem (Arabic)
Peace, Peaceful: Shalom (Hebrew)
Praiseworthy: Tony (Latin)
Trustworthy: Gilbert (English)
Strong, Virtuous Honorable: Brian (Irish)
Swift: Kohana (Lakota)
Valiant: Riley (Irish)  Valiant (French)
Victor: Victor (Latin)
Victorious: Vijay (Hindi)
Wise: Drew (Welsh)
Wise Counselor: Rashad (Arabic)

Girls Names (Origins) Meanings

Amanda (Latin) lovable
Amelia (German) hard worker
Amy (Latin) beloved
Bonita (Spanish) pretty
Brisa (Spanish) beloved
Carina (Italian) dear little one
Carissa (Greek) beloved
Cher (French) beloved, dearest
Claire (French) clear, bright
Clarissa (Greek) brilliant
Dulcinea (Spanish) sweet
Dulce (Latin) sweet
Gail (English) merry, lively
Grace (Latin) graceful, gracious
Felicity (English) happy, fortunate
Fernanda (Spanish) adventurous, daring
Hilary (Greek) cheerful, merry
Irene (Greek) peaceful
Joy (Latin) joyful, joyous
Jun (Chinese) truthful
Justine (Latin) just, righteous
Keiko (Japanese) happy child
Lara and Larissa (Greek) cheerful
Linda (Spanish) pretty
Olympia (Greek) heavenly
Qadira (Arabic) powerful
Sonya, Sophia (Greek) wise
Taka (Japanese) honored
Valencia (Spanish) strong
Valerie (Latin) strong
Yoko (Japanese) good

Meanings: Girls Names (Origins)

Beloved: Amy (Latin)
Beloved: Brisa (Spanish)
Beloved: Carissa (Greek)
Beloved, dearest: Cher (French)
Cheerful, merry: Hilary (Greek)
Cheerful: Lara, Larissa (Greek)
Clear, Bright: Claire (French)
Dear Little One: Carina (Italian)
Good Girl: Yoko (Japanese)
Graceful, Gracious: Grace (Latin)
Happy, Fortunate: Felicity (English)
Happy child: Keiko (Japanese)
Hard Worker: Amelia (German)
Honored: Taka (Japanese
Joyful, Joyous: Joy (Latin)
Just, Righteous: Justine (Latin)
Lovable: Amanda (Latin)
Peaceful: Irene (Greek)
Powerful: Qadira (Arabic)
Pretty: Bonita (Spanish)
Pretty: Linda (Spanish)
Strong: Valencia (Spanish), Valerie (Latin)
Sweet: Dulce (Latin) Dulcinea (Spanish)
Truthful: Jun (Chinese)
Wise: Sonya, Sophia (Greek)

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2 thoughts on “32 Names With Positive Meanings for Your Boy or Girl

  1. Choose a name for a baby can be a daunting and tedious for new parents. We all know that the name is very important in today’s world people initially judged by appearances. So every parent have curious find the for our baby name. I even visit some baby names site, where have found a long list of Unique baby names. I am also a regular visitor of babynology.com.

  2. Hi Jim, we agree that it takes time and effort to find a name that the parents can agree on and that’s likely to a joy for your child. And we agree that it’s important to pick a good one. It helps to have an objective–to know what you’re looking for. Here are a few ideas that might help, Look for a name that:
    -might have a special meaning for you and your partner
    -might inspire your child because of the meaning or a famous namesake
    -makes a positive impression
    -is versatile (it comes with lots of good nicknames so your child has options)
    -isn’t too popular (not in the top 20)
    -is easy to spell and pronounce
    -sounds good with your last name
    I think this list might be a good place to start.

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