Is Summer Rain Rutler the Best Celebrity Baby Name of 2014?

While researching my post for the worst celebrity baby names of 2014, I was surprised to find Summer Rain Rutler on a worst celebrity baby names list posted by The more I thought about Summer Rain, the more I wondered “what’s not to like about that name?”–which caused me to reread the Vocative article to see what turned them off. Apparently it reminded them of “an outdated feminine hygiene product” called Summer’s Eve. But I doubt that thought will occur to most people.

More likely Summer Rain will remind you of a sudden drizzle or thunderstorm that invites you to grab a hat or an umbrella and  go outside for a walk in the rain–or possibly to sing and dance in the rain (like Gene Kelly in a Paris rainstorm). Frankly, I can’t imagine a more delightful (or romantic) thing to do on a warm summer day.

For me, Summer works well as a given name for girl. I can still picture Summer Sanders swimming to Olympic Gold in the 1972 Summer Olympics. Like Summer Sanders, Summer Rutler is a great-sounding name. Both words have a short “u” sound and an identical “er” ending. But when you add Rain as a middle name between Summer and Rutler, you have an amazingly euphonious name.

Leave it to singer/songwriter, Christine Aquilera to come up with an evocative name that is also music to one’s ears. (Readers of this post may recall one of my most popular posts about another euphonious name: “Kris Allen’s Baby’s Name is Music to My Ears.”)

So apart from bringing Olympian Summer Sanders and “Singin’ in the Rain” to mind Summer Rain Rutler is both poetic and euphonius. (Most baby names sound as though they were found in three different columns of a Chinese menu for first names, middle names and last names–that have little, if any, relationship to one another: like Philomena Bijou Jovanivic.)

I’m going to take Summer Rain Rutler off Vocative’s “Worst Celebrity Names of 2014” list and put it on my “Best Celebrity Names of 2014” list. (Truth to tell, I haven’t written a post with that title yet–but after reading Celebrity Baby Scoop’s complete list of 2014 celebrity baby names. I ain’t seen a better 2014 celebrity baby name, yet. Have you?)

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