2 Hot Naming Trends That Have Cooled Off: Aiden Sound-Alikes & Nevaeh

I frequently warn readers not to give their children red-hot fad names–because  what gets hot eventually cools off. People who give their children hot names usually do it for silly reasons:

-It’s the name of a currently “hot” celebrity who is boyishly or girlishly cute like Justin Bieber is now or like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears used to be.

-It’s the name of a character with a hard-to-spell and hard-to-pronounce name like Daenarys and Khaleesi from a “hot” TV show like”Game of Thrones.”
-You scream louder than your daughter every time you see (name of the latest teen singing sensation goes here).

A lot of good these warnings do. I don’t think I have the kind of readers who would out-scream their teen age daughters at a Justin Bieber concert. But I’m writing this post to let you know that several popular naming fads are in the process of cooling off. There’s nothing “cool” about being the last kid on your block sporting the previous year’s “hot” fashion and the previous decade’s hot name.

Names to Avoid Now that The Fad Has Cooled Off:

-Aiden Sound-Alike Names Trends:

             Aiden: 12 (2008) 9 (2010 & 2011) 12 in 2013

             Jaden: 154 (2000) 74 (2007) 141 (2013)

             Braden: 204 (2000 ) 146 (2006) 336 (2013)

             Hayden: 129 (2000)  71 (2007)  129 (2013)

             Caden: 195 (2001) 91 (2006) 182 (2013)


             Zayden: 881 (2000) 192 (2013 (a continuous 13-year downtrend)

             Kayden: 782 (2000) 93 (2013) (a continuous 13-year downtrend)

Question: Is it safe to keep using Zayden and Kaden despite the fact that most other Aiden sound-alike names have peaked and popularity is now trending down

My recommendation: Why risk it on a fad name when there are so many other cool Z-names and K-names to use? (And keep in mind that there’s nothing original about a Jaden/Aiden sound-alike names. People liked the sound of Aiden and decided to try different consonants in front of Aiden to give their child an “uncommon,” “creative” name.

-Neveah (Heaven spelled backwards)

  Trend: 69 (2005) 25 (2010) 47 (2013)



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