Names That Are Cool Right Now–In June ’14 vs. May ’14

Here’s a list of names that are cool right now. Why is that important? Because names that were cool last year may come across as “stale” or “dated” now. That’s why I add new names for testing on our interactive site. Just click on the links to vote for the names you like best. That way, your friends and relatives will get the benefit of your judgment when you suggest they visit to “shop for” names that are cool right now.

I’ve taken the voting results and quantified them to improve on the raw scores reported by Ranker so names that have been added recently have a fair chance to be considered on an equal basis with names that were added last year.

Because I keep adding and testing new names, you’re a lot more likely to find names that are cool right now on my Ranker Interactive lists than anywhere else. So take a look at the changes since I published the results on May 5, 2014.

Cool Names for Boys

June 6, ’14           May 5, ’14

1. Levi                  1. Levi
2. Finn                 2. Nuci
3. Bronson          3. Remington
4. Nico                 4. Theo
5. Marcus            5. Finn
6. Wyatt              6. Jett
7. Dante              6.  Wyatt
7. Connor           8. Connor
7. Hunter            8. Bronson
10. Chase            8. Dante
11. Taj                11. Hunter
12. Theo             12. Taj
12 Turner           13. Matteo
14. Matteo         14. Raj
15. Remington  14. Cliff
16. Ryder            14. Turner
17. Jett                17, Chase
18. Rhett            18. Rhett
19. Cliff              18. Tripp
20. Raj                20. Cruz

Other cool boys’ names to consider: Sage, Cruze, Rio, Forrest, Lennox, Flynn, Blaze, Teo, Tripp and Joss

Cool Names for Girls

June 6, ’14           May 5, ’14

1. Serena            1. Annika
2. Annika            2. Amelia
3. Mila                 3. Serena
4. Amelia            3. Ryann
5. Catalina         5.  Mila
6. Camila            5. Camila
6. Mia                  5. Mia
8. Elena               6. Catalina
9.  Danuca          9. Skye
10. Luna           10, Danica
11. Cleo            11. Cleo
12. Lola             12. Elena
12. Skye            13. Summer
14. Ryann         14. Maya
15. Francesca   14. Lola
16. Maya           14. Francesca
17. Sasha          17. Sloane
18. Casey          17. Tori
18. Tori             17. Casey
20. Summer     20. Emilia

Other cool girls’ names to consider: Carmen, Lux, Harper, Luna, Brianna, Carina, Devin, Mikaela and Carolina.

I hope you’ll click on the links so you can vote for some of the names I’ve added recently to my Cool Names for Boys and Girls interactive voting pages. Your friends and relatives will thank you. (So will I.)

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