Drew Barrymore Goes Against the Grain by Naming Her 2nd Daughter, Frankie

At a time when the top-ten girls’ names are packed with glamorous, female movie-star names (like Sophia, Ava and Olivia) that end in the letter “a,” movie star Drew Barrymore and hubby Will Kopelman are naming their baby daughter Frankie. Although Frankie isn’t a major “movie-star name” the name was made famous by singers Frankie Avalon and Frankie Goes to Hollywood (a British boy-and-girl band from the 80s). I should probably also  mention that Frank Sinatra’s “rat pack” called him Frankie, which is no small thing.

Frankie is a familiar form of Frank and similar in style to Billie (a name made famous by sultry blues singer Billie Holiday and tennis star Billie Jean King) Jackie (a name made famous by action/adventure movie star, Jackie Chan; “the Great One,” TV’s Jackie Gleason; and the Brooklyn Dodgers’ incomparable Jackie Robinson. As you can see, Frankie is a name that can be used for any gender.

Giving girls “strong” names that end in the letter “a” is a very well-entrenched trend. So don’t believe Nameberry if they tell you that Frankie Barrymore Kopleman proves that unisex names are now “in.” What it proves is that Drew Barrymore likes to go against the grain. Consider the fact that she named her first daughter Olive rather than top-ten name Olivia.


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