Baby Post Offers 10 Names that Supposedly Celebrate Spring; Most of Them Don’t


Altogether, Baby Post lists 10 “spring” names, most of which are tributes to wells or water. The few names which have some connection to spring (the season) are, for the most part, names you’d be unlikely to consider using.

Apple This fruity name was both shocking and ludicrous when Gwyneth Paltrow gave it to her daughter ten years ago, and it’s still ludicrous, but no longer seems shocking. Does it celebrate spring? Not really. It celebrates apples.

Bradwell According to Baby Post, this name means “from the broad spring,” so it has nothing to do with the spring season. Besides, it’s a clunky name few people would consider using.

Claire or Clare I like this name. It means “bright and clear.” It has nothing whatsoever to do with spring. So, don’t pick it to celebrate spring. Pick it to celebrate clear thinking or clear eyesight. Or just because you like it. Between Claire and Clare, I prefer the former—but I won’t pout if you disagree.

Daisy This name celebrates the spring season and is a fine, old-fashioned name that calls to mind the old song that starts like this: “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, true. I’m half-crazy all for the love of you.” Although daisies look fresh, this name comes across as rather dated. But, even so, it’s probably the best spring name on Baby Post’s list.

Kelby Here’s another name that celebrates fountains or springs. It’s kind of cute. It’s also kind of odd.

Maxwell I never knew that Maxwell means “Max’s well or spring.” It’s yet another name that has nothing to do with the spring season. But like Claire, I think it’s a usable name—unless you’re looking for a name that celebrates spring, the season.

Aviv and/or Aviva These names (Aviv for boys, Aviva for girls) mean “springtime” in Hebrew. Aviva is a fairly common name in Israel. It’s also a “Jewish name” given to North American girls whose name begins with the letter “A” (like Anne or Alexandra) as part of a Jewish naming ceremony when they are born. Girls named Alexandra may tell Israelis to call them Aviva when they visit Israel, but most of them prefer to be called Anne or Alexandra in America or Canada. So, Aviv and Aviva are unlikely to be used by many North Americans–as their every day names.

Weldon Here’s an Old English name that means “the hill near a spring.” As you can see it’s about a hill near water rather than about spring (the season). I suppose it’s not an bad name, if you’re into wells, like Anne Donahue of Baby Post.

Verdi You’ve probably heard of Giuseppe Verdi, an Italian opera composer whose name translates in English to Joe Green. Verdi is Italian for Green and was probably included on this list of supposedly “spring names” because Baby Post was better at finding names about water than about the spring season. Would you name your son or daughter Green? If not, don’t name your son or daughter Verdi.

Laverna Supposedly this French name means “born in spring.” So it’s a name that celebrates spring (the season). Unfortunately, it reminds me of Laverne and Shirley, two funny TV characters from the late 70s and early 80s who worked as bottlecappers in a Milwaukee brewery. They wouldn’t be my first picks as namesakes for my daughter, which is why even though they have a connection to the spring season, Laverna is only worth considering if you are desperate to find a female name to celebrate the spring season and Baby Posts’ 7 water names and 3 “spring names” are your only options.

If you want to come up with some more usable spring names, here are some names you might want to consider for baby girls. April, June, Lark, Laurel, Lily, May, Poppy, Robin, Vera, Violet, and Wren. Of the names my spring list, I think Lily, April and Robin have the most appeal.


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