A Most Amazing Trend: The Rise of Boy’s Names Ending in “N” from 1960 to 2012

I just read an article on Baby Center by Stacie Lewis which revealed an amazing statistic. She claims that 36% of boys’ names end in the letter “n.” This came to the attention of several people in the year 2009 because Robert T. Gonzalez noticed that 40 of the top-1,000 boy’s names rhymed with Jaden.

But this isn’t a 2009 phenomenon. I just counted the number of boys’ names  among the top-100 names listed in order of popularity by the Social Security Administration for the year 2012 that ended in “n.” I counted 38 (or 38%) of the top-100 names. And of those top-100 names, five rhymed with Jaden—which projects out to about 50 names in the top-1000 that rhyme with Jayden (which confirms that 2009 was not a fluke).

Lewis’ article focuses on her son Ieuan’s unusual (and universally mispronounced) Welsh name (it’s pronounced YIGH-an). But what interested me more was a chart that showed the increase in popularity of boys’ names ending in “n” from the 1960s through 2012. It’s worth a look.






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