10 Endearing Japanese Names for Girls You Might Want to Consider

When I look at names from other countries, I often wonder whether some of them might work in North America. I just read a beautiful article by Casey Baseel that lists 20 popular “flowery” Japanese names. I prefer to call them endearing or romantic names. I was surprised to find six Japanese names on the list you might want to consider because they are easy to pronounce and sound as endearing as their meanings.

Before I saw Baseel’s list, my favorite endearing name was Amy, a Latin name that means “beloved.” In French J’aime means “I love” so Jaime is another name that’s full of love. You can pronounce it the French way with a soft “J” (JHEM) or the English way with a hard “J” (JAY-mey). Either way you pronounce it, your daughter will always know that you love her and that she is lovable.

But first, a quick lesson in Japanese:

愛 (ai/love)

心 (kokoro/heart)

夢 (yume/dream)

Now that you know as much Japanese as I do, you’re ready for a short list of Japanese names, several of which may fit in your comfort zone. I’m listing them alphabetically, because I want to start with two Japanese names that will remind you of Amy and Jaime. I hope you find theese names as beautiful and endearing as I do:

Aimi, Ami* “loving heart.”

Aki “birth of love”

Koko “heart”

Kokoa “heart’s love”

Mei “joined love”

Ria “jasmine love”

*(In French, Ami means friend so Ami works both in Japanese and French.

Of course, these names would be wonderful to give to February babies (in honor of Valentine’s Day). But one of your most important jobs as a parent is to let your child know that you love her and that she is lovable. So endearing names like these would work well any month. If you like these names listed above, please link back to the article I found on RocketNews24.com, so you can peruse other Japanese names and enjoy the beautiful photos which accompanied the article.

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