Patrick Reed and Ex-Caddy Justine Reed Have already Picked the Name for Their Unborn Baby Girl, Windsor Wells

It can’t be bad luck to announce the name you have picked for the baby girl you are expecting. With ex-caddy Justine Reed sidelined because she is pregnant with the couple’s first child, Patrick Reed won the Cadillac Championship at Trump National Doral by two strokes over Bubba Watson and Jamie Donaldson.

This is my second post about a golfer and a baby. Told his wife was about to give birth, Hunter Mahon leading the RBC Canadian Open by 5 strokes on Saturday afternoon, gave up an excellent chance to win $1,000,000. He walked off the course, flew home and arrived just in time to witness the birth of his daughter, Zoe Olivia.

Luckily for the Reeds, Justine isn’t due until May, so the idea of walking away from a prize of $1,530,000 never crossed the Reeds’ minds.

I didn’t expect The New York Times Sports Section to provide any information about the source or inspiration for the name, so let’s skip those details. More important, Windsor Wells Reed is an unusually alliterative and euphonious name that shows the Reeds have invested time and thought in the process of picking a winning name. It has the ring of British royalty and whether Wells is a family name or a reference to oil wells the couple hope to buy with the winnings from the Cadillac Challenge, it’s a rare celebrity name that’s a pleasure to say out loud. It’s right up there with the euphonious name of American Idle winner, Kris Allen’s son, Oliver Neil Allen.

That said, Windsor is a rather formal and formidable name for a baby girl (under the age of 75) to carry, but happily nicknames like Windy and Winnie are both cute and cuddly.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Reed and Ex-Caddy Justine Reed Have already Picked the Name for Their Unborn Baby Girl, Windsor Wells

  1. I agree, Windsor is the royal British surname; it doesn’t work well as a name for anyone under the age of about 75. Between Windy and Winnie, I prefer the former. Winnie calls to mind a cute little ursine creature silly enough to suck the honey out of a beehive.

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