Gabriel (“Suits”) Macht and Wife Jacinda Barrett Have a Baby Boy Named Luca

I’ve never met any of the celebrities whose baby names I written about. Some are a complete mystery to me. The only thing I know about them is the name he or she gave a recent baby. But that’s not the case with Gabriel Macht. I’ve watched “Suits” many times and like his portrayal of a tough, slick, aggressive lawyer who doesn’t necessarily play by the rules.

Obviously actors aren’t the characters they play. But still one wonders. The slick lawyer Gabriel Macht plays is named Harvey, a name that would be perfect for an imaginary white rabbit or a mama’s boy– but isn’t a good fit for the rule-breaking lawyer. His sidekick is a bright junior lawyer with a photographic memory who claims he went to Harvard Law School, but didn’t. His name is Mike. That’s another name that doesn’t fit a leading character in “Suits.”

So what’s up with Luca and Luca’s big sister Saltine? (That’s what I thought her name was the first time I read about it in People Magazine. I blinked my eyes and re-read the name; it was Satine.) If you’re curious, Satine is a variation of Satin, a name (and a fabric) with a French origin that can be described as smooth and shiny. Hmmm, slick—like the character Macht plays on “Suits.”

Now that we’ve solved that mystery let’s take a look at Luca—an Italian version of Luke. I’ll bet the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that name is an Italian mobster who knows how to make offers people can’t refuse. The words “tough” and “aggressive” would fit that image of Luca well.

So even though Gabriel Macht is not Harvey Specter, the tough, slick aggressive lawyer Macht plays on “Suits,” the names he has given his children are more suitable for roles on “Suits” than the names of the TV show’s two main characters: Harvey and Mike. (Too bad the producer didn’t call me for a consult.)

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