Megan Fox Picked a Name for Her Son, Bodhi, That I’ve Already Misspelled Twice

Bodhisatttva is a Sanskrit term for a person who has chosen the path of “awakening” or “enlightenment.” Bodhi means “enlightened” or “awakened” and sattva means “being.” So it would seem as though actress Megan (“Transformers”) Fox and her husband Brian (“Beverly Hills, 90210”) Austin Green have picked an “enlightened” first name for their second son Bodhi.

However it isn’t enlightened to pick a name for your child which you know will be misspelled by 90% of the North American population after hearing the name spoken. Bodie Miller, the Olympic skier who has won 6 Olympic medals, is probably the only Bodie that most people have ever heard of. And as far as I know he has no “h” in his name.

Buddhists, on the other hand are not likely to misspell the name Bodhi, but they comprise only a small percent of the North American population. Not being a Buddhist, I didn’t spell it correctly once while writing the title and first paragraph of this article. (No kidding, I spelled it Bohdi twice and Bhodi once; neither of which are correct. I also misspelled the Sanskrit word that means enlightened being like this: Bohdisattva.)

In addition, Buddhists are likely to be concerned about the name or word that follows Bodhi in the name Fox and Green gave their son: Bodhi Ransom. You already know what Bodhi means. I suspect you also know what Ransom means. It is most commonly defined as “a price you must pay for the return of a person or property which has been lost or stolen.” So Bodhi Ransom would seem to refer to an enlightened memory loss, theft, hijacking or kidnapping. What kind of name is that to give to your son? I guess Fox and Green didn’t consider that someone might put their son’s two names together and say “What the heck is that supposed to mean?”

As much as I like the idea of an enlightened being, putting Bodhi together with Ransom is like putting something good together with something bad and since the good thing is also likely to be misspelled by most people (who don’t know that Bodhi is also a very chic and pricey brand of lady’s handbags and accessories) I think the name Bodhi Ransom has bad kharma (a word I also misspell from time to time because of that darned “h”).

As you can see, Bhodi Ransom is not a name I can recommend with any enthusiasm. However, I should probably mention that Brian Austin Green’s first son (with a different wife) was named Kassius. I have already misspelled that name three different ways while trying to write it correctly in this paragraph, so I can’t recommend that name in good conscience, either.

Why would a woman named Megan Denise Fox and a man named Brian Austin Green, both of whom have experienced the pleasure of having names that are easy to spell and pronounce, pick names that nine out of ten people will spell incorrectly after hearing the names spoken. Those are not the kind of names I’d suggest giving to children you love.

Although The Baby Name Police didn’t warn Green about Kassius, we are giving Fox and Green a ticket for the name Bodhi Ransom. As documented above, the name creates needless spelling problems and is confusing.

2 thoughts on “Megan Fox Picked a Name for Her Son, Bodhi, That I’ve Already Misspelled Twice

  1. Amazingly, you also misspelled Bode Miller’s name as well, lol! Not only is there no “H” in Bode Miller’s name, there is also no “I”. There are so many ways too spell Bode/Bodie/Bodhi/Bodi I don’t think it matters which spelling you pick it’s getting spelled wrong ALL the time. The Bode spelling pisses me off the most though because Bode is a word that rhymes with code and means “be an omen of a particular outcome” as in, “That didn’t bode well.”

    • Rain, thanks for reminding me just how confused I was when I was writing my post about Bodhi (and Bode). Giving your child a name that’s likely to be misspelled more often than not is not a nice thing to do to your child.

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