Jason (“Orange Is the New Black”) Biggs and Jenny Mollen Name Their Well-Endowed Son Sid

I don’t think you’ll be shocked by the language Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen used in the Instagram they sent out to announce the birth of their baby boy Sid, which was included verbatim in the article that appears in the current issue of People. But that’s why the article was more amusing than the usual birth-announcement article.

Actually, it was Mollen who mentioned Sid’s “huge penis,” (something that’s quite common for newborn boys) and her appreciation for dilaudid (a pain reliever). Perhaps TMI runs in the family, because in a July interview on “Chelsea Lately,” Biggs had described Mollen’s “big breasts” and taken credit by informing viewers that he had “put a baby in her.”

From a baby-naming standpoint, the main reason I’m writing this article is to mention that Sydney (a place name) is typically used for girls, which is why Biggs and Mollen picked the name Sid (not Sidney) for their son. Now that you’ve taken in this valuable insight permit me to suggest you click on the People article because it comes with some beautiful photos of Mollen and Sidney taken at the hospital. How Mollen managed to look so attractive right after giving birth, I have no idea.

Having shared some of the candid language used by the happy couple I should probably make this disclosure (at the risk of disappointing 99% of my readers): none of the candid photos published in People documented either the size of Sid’s penis or Mollen’s breasts.

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