Your Sweet Tooth Can Lead You To Some Sweet Baby Names

Appellation Mountain came out with a well-researched Valentine’s Day article about names related to sweetness or candy. It was fun to read, because it covered a wide variety of names, many of which I’d never heard of. But its appeal may diminish after February 14.

Since there’s no law that says you can only give children sweet names on Valentine’s Day, I thought some readers might find a slimmed-down, Cliff Notes approach useful whenever the need for a sweet name arises.

Names That Mean Sweet or Honey:

Candy (English) “a sweet treat”; also a nickname for Candace and Candice (Greek) “glittering white” or “glowing”

Condoleeza (American) “with sweetness”

Dulce, Dulcie (Latin), Dulcinea (Spanish) “sweet”

Honey (English) “sweet”

Melissa (Greek) “honey bee”

Pamela (Greek) “honey”

Candy Brand Names:

Clark bar: Clark (French) “clerk” or “scholar”

Godiva Belgian chocolates: Godiva (Latin) “God’s present”

Heath bar: Heath (English) “Heath”

Oh Henry bar: Henry (German) “ruler of the household”

Kit Kat chocolate-covered wafer: Kit (Greek) a short form of Christopher and Christine; “anointed”;  Kat (Greek) a sort form of Katherine; “pure”

Mary Jane peanut butter taffy: Mary Jane (American); a compound name: Mary + Jane)                       

Reese’s peanut butter cup: Reese (Welsh) a variation of Rhys; “enthusiastic” or “stream”

Baby Ruth: Ruth (Hebrew) “friendship”; Famous namesakes, Biblical: the daughter-in-law of Naomi; Sports: Babe Ruth

If you want the complete story about these names and twice as many sweet & candy related names, click on the link, above.

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