Simon Cowell Named His Son After His Father Eric, Contrary to Prior Indications

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman’s son, Eric, was born on Valentine’s Day. So, in the future, Eric’s birthday presents will have to be wrapped in any color but red (to differentiate them from any romantic Valentine’s Day gifts he had received). You might enjoy viewing some photos of the happy couple in this birth-announcement article.

I’m pleased Cowell and Silverman decided not to name the boy Simon as he had previously indicated. It’s pretty tough to fulfill the promise of a name that belongs to someone as famous and successful as Simon Cowell. Although Cowell believed that Simon had been a “lucky” name for him, it was a thoughtful gesture to name his son after his father Eric. And, it will give his son, Eric, his own, separate identity. (That’s a benefit children who are given their father’s name don’t enjoy.)

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