Jennifer Doan Rogers: Proof That There’s More to Baby Naming Than Fad, Fashion, and Ego:

Seven months ago, a massive tornado leveled the Plaza Tower Elementary School in the town of Moore, Oklahoma, killing six students. Teacher Jennifer Doan Rogers, who was eight-weeks pregnant, suffered a broken back and was crushed by rubble as she tried to grab a dying-student’s hand.

Seven months later, Jennifer Rogers has given birth to a child, but in her happiness she did not forget the students who perished. She and her husband have decided to honor one of the six students, Nicholas McCabe, who died in the storm, by using his name as her son Jack Nicholas Roger’s middle name. Nicholas’ father, Scott McCabe was touched by the gesture, although he is still “too overcome by grief” to fully appreciate what Jennifer Rogers has done.
I’m writing about this tragedy and about Jennifer Roger’s suffering, her courage, and her nobility because baby naming plays an important role in family life (and in this case it also plays an important symbolic role in the town of Moore, Oklahoma; in the state of Oklahoma; in the United States of America and in the English-speaking world.

You may think I’m getting carried away, but I read about this story in an article published in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper.That’s why I want to remind all of my readers, women and couples who are expecting, people who write about baby names and the media that reprints and distributes baby-name information that there is much more to baby naming than fads and fashion and ego. Fundamentally, baby naming is about the child in the context of family and community and society.



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