January 2014 Rankings: Names That Are Cool Right Now

Names that were cool last year, may not be cool this year. These are the names that cool right now. (Note: names marked with asterisks moved up from the rankings in 2013.)

Cool Names for Boys (as of 1/20/14)
1. Finn* (Sources: The Art of Naming, Nameberry)
2. Nico* (Source: Nameberry)
3. Levi* (Source: Bruce Lansky)
4. Chase (Source: The Art of Naming)
5. Matteo* (Sources: The Art of Naming: Nameberry)
6. Taj (Source: The Art of Naming)
7. Hunter (Source: The Art of Naming)
8. Dante (Source: Bruce Lansky)
9. Bronson* (Source: Bruce Lansky)
10. Connor* (Source: Bruce Lansky)

Other Cool Boys’ Names  to Consider: Rio, Rhett, Django, Turner, Cliff, Theo, Flynn, Raj

Cool Names for Girls (as of 1/20/14)
1. Annika (source: Bruce Lansky)
2. Amelia (source: Bruce Lansky)
3. Catalina (source: Bruce Lansky)
4. Cleo (source: Bruce Lansky)
5. Skye* (source: Bruce Lansky)
6. Danica (source: Bruce Lansky)
7. Ryann* (source: Bruce Lansky)
8. Elena (source: Bruce Lansky)
9. Lola (sources: The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
10: Serena (source: Bruce Lansky)

Other Cool Girls’ Names to Consider: Sloane, Harper, Mia, Luna, Mila, Carmen, Camila

If you want to know which boys’ and girls’ names are cool right now, click on the links to see all 48 girls’ names and 52 boy’s names, listed in rank order. Take a second to vote for the names you think should be ranked higher and against the names you think should be ranked lower. You’ll be doing a big favor to other expecting couples looking for names that are cool right now.

If you’re wondering about the sources listed, I started both lists with around 30 names gathered from two websites:  The Art of Naming and Nameberry. I added some names I thought were cool, too. I had a hunch that many of the “cool names” listed on other websites had gone stale and seemed dated.

For a while I seemed to have better intuition about where and how to find cool names for girls than I have about finding cool names for boys. But that’s starting to change. For the very first time, I have four names on the boys’ top ten. I’m starting to get a handle on where to look for new cool names that are going to move up the lists.

So visit our Ranker.com pages to find cool names for your next baby, and while you’re there help your online “neighbors” by voting for the coolest names and against names you think are losing their cool.

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