Parents Use Online Service to Pick a Name for Their Daughter

Just found an article about parents who used an online service, Reddit, to pick a name for their daughter. What caught my eye were the top two names Reddit chose: Luna and Amelia. I like both choices, a lot.
-Luna was my choice for Celebrity Baby Name of the Year in 2013. It’s also on my “Cool Names for Girls” list on
-Amelia is currently ranked #2 on my “Cool Names for Girls” list on Courageous Namesake Amelia Earhardt would be a great inspiration to any girl.

These findings suggest the value of my “Cool Names for Girls” list. First of all it’s free. Just click on the link below and check out all 48 cool names I’ve collected from a variety of sources. People who see the list understand the benefit of looking at names that have been ranked by parents looking for a cool name for their babies. Once you see how valuable this list is, I hope you’ll take a second and click on the “like” button for any names you think are cool. It’s a great way to help out other parents looking for cool names.

Are you wondering if there’s a similar list for boys? I thought you’d never ask. Use these links: Cool Names for Girls and Cool Names for Boys.

FYI, Nameberry defines “cool names” as names that will impress your friends. I think cool names will impress your child’s friends as well. Keep those ideas in mind as you search for a cool name for your baby.

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