Nameberry’s Intriguing List of Names for the New Year

I was excited to find a intriguing selection of names to consider “for the new year” from Nameberry. Many of the names meant “dawn,” “hope” or either “new” or “new day,” and were associated with Greek or Roman mythology. The list was featured on Huffington Post together with appealing photos. Nameberry presented background and media/book tie-in information to give you a better “handle” on each name. Happily they didn’t claim the names were “cool.” I’m pleased to suggest you check out the article on Huff Po and to share this brief summary (minus the famous namesake and media info) with you:

Aurora (Latin) “dawn”

Dagny (Scandinavian) “new day”

Eos (Greek) “dawn”

Esperanza (Spanish) “hope”

Nadia (Russian) “dawn”

Neo (Greek) “new”

Nova (Latin) “a star that gets much brighter and then fades out”

Oriana (Latin) “dawn”

Roxana (Persian) “dawn”

Teraji (Swahili) “hope”

Zora (Serbo-Croation) “dawn”

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