Looking for Boys and Girls Names That Are Cool Right Now?

Finding names that are cool right now isn’t easy. Why? Names come in and out of favor over time, so many names, previously thought to be cool have lost their appeal and now seem stale or dated. I’ve created a list of cool names from a variety of sources and put them on an interactive website (Ranker.com), so you can find names that smart parents, like you, think are cool right now. If you’re looking for cool names for your baby, check out the top-ranked names by clicking on the links, below. And, while you’re at it, take a few seconds to vote for any of the newest or up-and-coming names on the lists that you think are cool–to help other parents find names for their baby boys and girls that are cool right now.

12 New-And Rising Cool Names for Boys: Dante, Rhett, Connor, Django, Bronson, Teo , Raj, Kendo, Chance, Flynn, Turner, Harley

8 New-And-Rising Cool Names for Girls: Camila, Carmen, Coco, Harper, Luna, Mia, Mila, Summer

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