“What’s in a Name?” Find Out in This New York Times Movie Review

If don’t believe me when I state that the name you pick for your baby can make a big difference in the lives of the parents and the child, go to a movie theater and watch what Stephen Holden calls a  “hilarious French farce” called “What’s In a Name.” Or, read Holden’s movie review published in The New York Times.

The movie is about a well-lubricated dinner party at which a real estate agent named Vincent announces he plans to name the baby he and wife Anna are expecting Adolphe. Vincent’s sophisticated friends are shocked and soon everyone’s name is being subjected to cruel (but funny) mockery. (If you’ve ever been teased about your name–you’ll realize the importance of avoiding names likely to subject your child to teasing.)

I’m currently on vacation, and movie theaters in Naples, FL don’t usually feature French farces reviewed in the NYT. So, I’ll have to wait until I get back to Mpls. (where the temps are currently in the single digits) to see the movie. If there are any plot points or insights worth going into detail about, I’ll write my own movie review in a post I’ll call “What’s in a Name Part 2.”

P.S. If this subject intrigues you, you might want to take check out a post I wrote about a couple who named their son Adolf–an action that had serious consequences for parents and child.

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