New Year’s Resolutions for Baby Namers (A Quick List of Dont’s)

On New Year’s day I’m putting off writing my own New Year’s resolutions to dash off some resolutions for you. (Apparently, I haven’t outgrown my life-long habit of procrastination.) Here is quick list of don’ts based on posts I’ve written recently:

-Don’t pick a name that will come across as a joke (like North West).

-Don’t pick a weird name (like Shalini or Bronx Mowgli).

-Don’t wreck a perfectly good name by changing it so it will be hard to spell and pronounce (like Wilyam or Quaren).

-Don’t pick a name likely to subject your child to teasing or mockery (like Cricket, Rekker or Adolf).

-Don’t believe names promoted in blog posts are “cool” (like Neri, Sula or Tulsi) unless you’ve seen the data.

-Don’t believe or follow trends predicted for 2014 if the trends seem counterproductive (like giving girls boys’ middle names–or vice versa).

-Don’t name your child after a currently popular celebrity, because celebrities’ images can change almost overnight (like Miley or Lance).

-Don’t name your child after a character in a currently popular TV show, because TV shows’ images can change almost overnight (like “Duck Dynasty”).

-Don’t fear discussing names you like with friends, because you’re scared someone might steal the name. (Theft would confirm one of the names you like is cool.)

Happy Naming New Year!

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