Cute and Quirky Celebrity Girls’ Names from She Knows Parenting

Celebrity baby names aren’t all awful. Here’s a list of “cute and quirky” celebrity girls’ names selected by Kim Grundy of She Knows Parenting. A number  of the names in Grundy’s list are well worth considering. You’ll see the bright side of celebrity creativity and pizazz when you compare Grundy’s list with Nameberry’s list of “cool, unusual” names, which features weird names like these: Eulalie, Sula, Tulsi, Aliz, Hebe, Maelys, Carola and Domino. (I kid you not!)

Below are some of my favorite girls’ names on Grundy’s list:

•Everly: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

•Avery Grace: Angie Harmon

•Olive: Drew Barrymore

•Bryn: Bethenny Frankel

•Coco Riley: Courteney Cox and David Arquette

•Luna: Constance Marie

•Marlowe: Sienna Miller

It’s amazing that Nameberry thinks their list of rarely-used names (used on 10 or less babies) could possibly compete with Grundy’s “cute and quirky” list or my list of “cool names for girls” that were ranked (on’s interactive website) by smart people who care about names–like you.

P.S. I agreed with Grundy that parents should avoid Blue Ivy and North (West), but not because those two notorious names are “too well known.” The reason to avoid those names is that they call attention to Beyoncé and to Kim and Kanye–and will be an embarrassment their daughters and yours.

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