Consider Color Names On Your Baby’s Birth Day, When You’ve Fallen In Love With Your Beautiful Baby

Some couples have trouble deciding on a name. They let the decision go until the baby is born. When they “meet” their beautiful baby for the very first time and fall in love–that’s a great time to pick a descriptive color name, that calls attention to one of your child’s most striking physical attributes). Suddenly there’s a consensus of opinion and making up your minds seems delightfully easy.

Here’s a quick list of “color names” to consider when you’re holding your baby and are struck by his amber, raven or flaming red hair or her pink, ginger or ebony complexion (to cite just a few examples):

Amber (orange-brown hair)

Blanche (fair hair or light complexion)

Cinnamon (reddish-brown hair or complexion)

Cocoa (brown hair or complexion)

Ebony (brown/black hair or complexion)

Ginger (yellow/tan hair or complexion)

Ivory (fair complexion)

Jennifer (fair hair or light complexion)

Latté* (café latté complexion)

Pink (pink cheeks)

Raven (black hair or dark complexion)

Red (flaming red hair)

Rose, Rosie (rosy complexion)

Russell (rust-colored hair)

Rusty (rust-colored hair)

Notice I am not promoting color names as a “trend” for 2014. I’m just trying to provide you with a useful option if you’re having trouble deciding on a name. Color names can help you reach agreement on an appropriate and positive name that gives you one more reason to celebrate your child’s birth day: you’ve finally picked a name you can both agree on  for the baby you both love.

*I’ve never seen this name before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if  someone else has used it.

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