When You Ask Friends For Feedback About Names You Like, Do You Worry Someone Might Steal Your Best Name?

Nancy’sBabyNames.com has a wonderful post called “When Did Baby Name Stealing Begin?” It’s wonderful because it includes a video clip from an episode of “Sex in the City” in which Charlotte and her three friends go to a baby shower for a woman named Laney, whom Charlotte believes stole the name Charlotte has been planning on naming her first baby since she was 11 year’s old.

It may interest you to know that I advise pregnant women to consult their best friends for feedback about the names currently high on their lists. Last week, I wrote a post about Kristin Cavallari, whom I advised to study the eyeballs of friends when she mentions baby names she is considering. Eyeballs function like lie detectors. Mouths may lie; eyeballs don’t.

But when I tell women to consult their friends, ” I sometimes get this response: “When I was pregnant with my first baby, I consulted my friends. One of them liked one of my names so much, she stole it and used it for her baby. Next time I hear that story, I’m going to ask: “What better proof could there be that you’ve come up with a winner?”

Think about it this way:  No real friend would steal a name. So any “friend” who wanted to steal your best name would no longer be your friend. She’d be an ex-friend. And being ex-friends, you wouldn’t run into each other often. So the damage done by her theft would a lot less than the service of validating your best name.

So, don’t use theft as an excuse to avoid discussing your best ideas with your best friends. And definitely do click on the “name-stealing” article so you can watch the “Sex in the City” clip (from 1998). It may surprise you to discover that the stolen name in the clip is not the greatest name on earth; it’s a name Charlotte fixated on when she was 11-years-old.

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