Latest Voting Results for “Cool Names for Girls” and “Cool Names for Boys” Just in Time for Holiday-Season Births

Here are the latest voting results for our lists of “Cool Names for Girls” and “Cool Names for Boys.” All the names marked with an asterisk have moved up since our last update. And, sources for each name are indicated in parentheses after each name. (I’m sure you’ll quickly notice that I’m doing  better at picking cool names for girls than cool names for boys, but that could change as more blog-readers vote.) FYI, I have listed  several up-and-coming boys’ and girls’ names which could dramatically change the composition of the both lists. (I hope you’ll enjoy viewing the new names I’ve added to both lists–from a variety of sources–and vote for the names you think are coolest.)

On the “Cool Names for Girls” list, names moving up since our last report were Catalina, Danica, Elena, Serena, Skye and Emilia. Altogether, there are 37 names to choose from on this list, including a new name I just added. Other names to consider that are just below the top ten include Gianna, Sloane, Tori and Ryann.

Cool Names for Girls (as of December 10)

  1. Annika (Bruce Lansky)
  2. Amelia (Bruce Lansky)
  3. Catalina* (Bruce Lansky)
  4. Cleo (Bruce Lansky)
  5. Lola (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
  6. Danica* (Bruce Lansky)
  7. Elena* (Bruce Lansky)
  8. Serena* (Bruce Lansky)
  9. Skye* (Bruce Lansky)
  10. Emelia* (Bruce Lansky)

On the “Cool Names for Boys” list, the three names that moved up since our last posting were Finn, Dante and Levi. Altogether there are 48 names to choose from on this list. Names to consider that are just below the top ten include: Rio, Hudson, Wyatt, Kendo, Cliff, Flynn, Turner, Bronson, Harley, Connor and Nico.

Cool Names for Boys (as of December 10)

  1. Chase (The Art of Naming)
  2. Finn* (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
  3. Hunter (The Art of Naming)
  4. Jett (The Art of Naming)
  5. Taj (The Art of Naming)
  6. Dante* (Bruce Lansky)
  7. Levi* (Bruce Lansky)
  8. Cruz (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)
  9. Dash (The Art of Naming)
  10. Matteo (The Art of Naming & Nameberry)

More than 225 people have viewed each of our two lists on Ranker. To find them, just click on the link I’ve provided. I’d like reiterate how easy it is to vote: Just click on the blue “thumb up” icon to cast a positive vote; or click on the red “thumb down” icon to cast a negative vote. It only takes second to cast a vote. It’s easy and fun. And it will help expectant parents looking for the latest cool names for their babies. Because our Ranker lists include names from Nameberry, The Art of Naming and from me, they are the single most objective (and up-to-the-minute) source of cool names you can find. What a great way to “shop” for names that your friends (and your child’s friends) will think are cool.

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