4 Baby-Naming Tips from Kristin Cavallari (Jay Cutler’s Wife; Camden’s Mom)

Kristin Cavallari (former star of “Hillls” and “Laguna Beach”) and hubby Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears QB) are expecting their second child. Feeling good about the name they picked for their first child, Camden, Kristin announced 4 baby-naming tips, via Yahoo.com. I’m happy to pass them along for your consideration:

  1. Focus on the overall sound of the name—and how it combines with your last name. (She and Jay picked Camden as the name of their son. It combines very nicely with Cutler.)
  2. Put a personal spin on the name. (She and Jay picked Jack–Jay’s father’s name–as a middle name for Camden.)
  3. Look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere. (One name she is considering for her second child came from a magazine; another name she likes is the name a friend gave to a dog.)
  4. Don’t worry about what others think. (They’ve gotten mixed reviews from friends on the names they are considering, but will pick the name they like best.)

As you can see, Kristin and Jay have a lot of confidence in their ability to find names anywhere and pick winners. However, I’d suggest a slight modification to her fourth tip. I think it’s a very good idea to test your best name ideas on friends whose judgment you respect. It helps to watch their eyeballs and their facial expressions carefully when you tell them a name.  And listen carefully to the reasons they give for liking or not liking names. That will help you evaluate their comments. As you probably know, I place a very high value on the “first impression” a name makes. It’s hard for friends to disguise a gut-level positive or negative response to a name if you are watching and listening carefully.

FYI, I like the name Camden Cutler too. Here’s why: Camden is a place name. (Unfortunately, Camden, NJ doesn’t have the charm of Paris or the beauty of Kauai.) However, Camden is the rare place name that sounds like a name that can work well for people—because it gives you Cam as a nickname. If you think about it, Camden is a shorter and punchier name than Cameron. (Remember, Kristin’s rule #1: “Focus on the overall sound of the name.”)

2 thoughts on “4 Baby-Naming Tips from Kristin Cavallari (Jay Cutler’s Wife; Camden’s Mom)

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