Popular TV Shows Are Driving the Popularity of Baby Names in the U.K.

Registration data gathered and analyzed by BabyCentre, a leading childcare website in the U.K., indicates that popular TV shows are playing a major role in driving the popularity of names associated with “Game of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad,” “Homeland,” and “Downton Abbey—based on an article in HeraldScotland.com. For example:

“Game of Thrones: The greatest rise in popularity registered by a character associated with a popular TV show was for Arya, which is 183% more popular than in 2012.

“Breaking Bad”: Skyler is 70% more popular and Jesse is 13% more popular than in 2012.

“Homeland”: Brody is 40% more popular and Nicholas is 11% more popular than in 2012.

“Downton Abbey: Rose, Ivy, Violet and Elsie are all more popular than they were in 2012 (though more detailed comparative statistics are not available).

With all the TV coverage and speculation about the royal birth, George (which was the 9th most popular boys’ name in the U.K. before the birth of Prince George) fell out of the top ten after his birth. It appears that popular TV shows are playing a more dynamic role in affecting the popularity of names in the U.K. than the royal family.

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