Jennifer Love Hewitt Announces a Baby Girl, Autumn James, But the Middle Name Raises Questions

Here’s an upbeat story to warm hearts as we head into the Holiday Season. Former “Client List” star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, confirmed a secret wedding to husband Brian Hallisey and the birth of their daughter, Autumn James Hallisey, on November 26.

I’ve always liked “Summer” as a girl’s name (you may recall Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders). But I’ve wondered whether any of the other seasons would work well as given names. Now that I’ve seen the announcement of Autumn James Hallisey, I like Autumn as a given name more than I’d imagined.

So Summer is great, Autumn is nice; but I don’t think Spring or Winter would work very well as names for girls. (Winter might be a downer, and Spring might be confusing. In addition to being the name of a season, it is also a noun (meaning “source of water”) and a verb (meaning “bounce” or “hop”).  What do you think?

But when I first saw Autumn James, I assumed the middle name, James, was a family name. However, because James is a common boy’s name I found it confusing. And to make matters even more confusing, I recently read Nameberry’s post in which they predict 12 trends for 2014. In that post, they mentioned Autumn James Hallisey as an example of a new trend: using a boy’s name as a middle name for a girl. I find that to be a very confusing idea. What if the name were James Suzy Hallisey–and the parents had used a girl’s middle name for a boy named James Hallisey. That would be confusing too. And either way, using a boy’s middle name for a girl or vice versa, it comes across as both confusing and off-putting.

So if Autumn James Hallisey is an example of a new trend: using a boy’s middle name for a girl, I hope the trend stops right there. I also hope parents don’t use girl’s names as  middle names for boys. Either practice is a needless source of confusion and a potential source of embarrassment and teasing for the children who are pawns in the game of baby-naming fashions.

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