There Are 14 New Names on the “Cool Names for Boys” List: Which Are the Coolest?

There are now 14 new names on the “Cool Names for Boys” List on They came from a variety of sources including Nameberry, The Art of Naming and Bruce Lansky (me). Here they are: Chance, Steele Flynn, Flint, Cliff, Cash, Crash, Blaze, Trig, Nico, Raj, Dante, and Django.

Altogether, there are now 49 names on the list. So, if you’re looking for a cool name to give your son, this is probably the best place to find one. It has the best names from three different sources, so the coolest names will  rise to the top as the clunkiest names will be”sunk” by  negative votes. While you’re “shopping” for a cool name, I hope you’ll add your vote to give the best new names a push in the right direction. It only takes a second to click on the blue thumb up (if you like a name) or the red thumb down (if you don’t like a name). I should also mention that there are already several new names in the top-10–including one of the new names. (It’s hot.)  I’ll recap all the changes in a week or two.

P.S. I’ve also added some brand new names to the list of “Cool Names for Girls.” Take a look (and vote).

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