Was Fergie’s Dream About Her Son Axl’s Name Designed to Stop Pundits’ Tongues From Wagging?

Apparently, the name for Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s son, Axl Jack, came to her after a dream. She revealed this charming dream story to Ellen DeGeneres on TV a few days ago. Here’s what she said. (According to Kat Stoeffel of New York Magazine.) Is Fergie’s story truth? Or fiction? What do you think?

“I was in the audience at this festival…On stage singing was Jim Morrison and then came Bob Marley and then Axl Rose. I was in heaven in this dream, and I’m dancing and just getting into the music.”

Here’s what happened next, according to The Daily News: “It was then that Fergie awoke, roused from her dream by the kick of her unborn son.” She was convinced that the name of her son should be Axl Jack (Jack being the name of Fergie’s late, great uncle.) “It just had this ring to it,” she said.

This comment prompted New York Magazine writer Kat Stoeffel to make a joke which contained an element of truth: “Indeed, not all dream baby names are so assonant and iconic. I recently dreamed I had a baby named Raisin Applesauce, which is a mouthful and a transparent Gwyneth Paltrow ripoff.”

Has it occurred to you that the reason Axl Jack has what Fergie describes as “this ring to it” is because it sounds like an alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple cider—known as “Applejack”? And Stoeffel’s clever little joke suggests that if Fergie gave her deceased uncle Jack’s name a little alcoholic flair by naming the baby Apple Jack, pundits (like Kat Stoeffel) might have accused Fergie of “a transparent Gwyneth Paltrow ripoff.”

Hence the story about Fergie’s “dream.” Of course we’ll never know if Fergie started with Apple Jack and morphed the name to Axl Jack to prevent tongues from wagging. I mean, if you’re dead set on giving your child an outlandish name, why take a bum rap for plagiarism?

The moral of this tale seems to be: it isn’t easy for a celebrity to give his or her child a ridiculous name. That’s why talk show “leaks” are so important to the process of giving the  name a celebrity came up with, while listening to her favorite tunes, a charming raison d’etre. You may recall that Kanye West used Jay Leno for the same purpose, when he leaked the name North West as “joke.”

Hmm, maybe it would have been more convincing if Fergie had leaked the name Axl Jack to Ellen as a “joke.” On the other hand, maybe she realized that giving her son a name that was launched as a “joke” might be less appealing than a name that was launched as a “heavenly dream.”

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