Simon Cowell Claims He’ll Name His (Unborn) Son After a Famous TV Personality

The verdict that anyone who has ever watched Simon Cowell on TV could easily guess has been reached. He has decided to name the baby boy he and partner Lauren Silverman are expecting (drum roll, please) after one of the most successful television producers and personalities on the planet. The most interesting aspect of this story is the spin.

Here’s a quick summary of the reasons he listed (using his own words, in quotes) from an article I found on

-“I like the name.” (By coincidence, it’s also his own name.)
-“I like the idea of talking to someone else named Simon.” (Apparently he finds talking to himself a little boring.)
-It’s a “lucky” name. (His brains, talent and hard work made the name, Simon, a very “lucky” name, for him.)
-“I want to teach him how to do my job as quickly as possible.” (This is a subtle way to suggest that he doesn’t really “need” to work any more.)

I think I know why you weren’t even slightly surprised by Cowell’s decision. Let me guess: Does it have anything to do with a three-letter word starting with “e” and ending with “o”?

3 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Claims He’ll Name His (Unborn) Son After a Famous TV Personality

  1. Simon is a great name! St Peter was originally named Simon. Good for Mr Cowell and for all proud papas who name their sons after their namesake. And yeah for all men who have solid names that they can give their sons and not be embarrassed.

    • Laura, I agree that Simon is a fine name. My post attempted to call attention to the fact that the “famous namesake” Simon was naming his son after was…himself. You may have noticed a post I wrote about the kind of people who name their sons after themselves. An academic study described the kind of patriotic Americans who enlist in the military when the U.S. has been attacked and they care a great deal about the role of “honor” in their lives. Of course Simon Cowell is a Brit who doesn’t remotely conform that profile, which is why I wrote the post about “Simon” with tongue in cheek and commented about the role of “ego” in his naming decision.

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