What Are the Top-Ten Cool Names for Girls and Boys? Check Out the Early Voting Results.

I started thinking about “cool names” when I visited a website called The Art of Naming.  They had a list of “Cool Names for Boys” and a list of “Cool Names for Girls.” Some of the names seemed cool to me. And some of them didn’t. So I picked about 10 girls’ names and 10 boys’ names I thought were cool—in an attempt to figure out which names really are cool (in the opinion of people like you).

Next, I went to Nameberry.com, which is famous for their lists of “Cool Names” for both girls and boys. I picked about 10 girls’ names and 10 boys’ names that I thought were cool from their lists and added them to the new list of names I was creating for a consumer research project I had in mind.

Finally I spent about an hour brainstorming cool girls’ names and cool boys names. I came up with about 10 more girls’ and boys’ names that seemed cool to me. That gave me more than 30 girls’ names and 30 boys’ names I could upload on Ranker.com to find out which names, if any, people who care about names would think are cool.

Although more than 160 people have “viewed” each of my Ranker lists, only 13 people took a few seconds to vote for “cool names for girls” and only 15 people took a few seconds to vote for “cool names for boys.” Even though the sample size is very small, I have already learned a few interesting things.

1. Of the top-ten “cool names for girls,” only one name (Lola) came from either The Art of Naming or Nameberry. All the other top-ten names came from my brainstorming session.

2. But of the top-ten “cool names for boys,” all ten of the names came from The Art of Naming’s list of “cool boys’ names” and three of the names were also on Nameberry’s  list of “cool boys’ names.” Hence, none of the top-ten “cool names for boys” came from my brainstorming session.

That said, here are the top-ten cool names for girls and boys from Ranker. Notice that the source of each name is indicated in parentheses:

Top Ten Cool Girls’ Names

Rank Name (Source)

1. Amelia (Bruce Lansky)

2. Lola (The Art of Naming, Nameberry)

3. Cleo (Bruce Lansky)

4. Catalina (Bruce Lansky)

5. Annika (Bruce Lansky)

6. Maya (Bruce Lansky)

7. Tori (Bruce Lansky)

8. Sloane (Bruce Lansky)

9. Emilia (Bruce Lansky)

10. Skye (Bruce Lansky)

Top-Ten Cool Boys’ Names

1. Chase (The Art of Naming)

2. Hunter (The Art of Naming)

3. Finn (The Art of Naming, Nameberry)

4. Hudson (The Art of Naming)

5. Wyatt (The Art of Naming)

6. Taj (The Art of Naming)

7. Cruz (The Art of Naming, Nameberry)

8. Matteo (The Art of Naming, Nameberry)

9. Dash (The Art of Naming)

10. Ryder (The Art of Naming)

I’m planning to keep my list of cool names up on Ranker so I can update you as voting changes the top-ten rankings. If everyone who reads this article uses the links I’ve provided to vote on Ranker, we’ll all know a lot more than we do now. And, don’t forget, Ranker enables all voters to add names as well as vote. So, if you can think of a cool name that’s not on the list, please add it when you’re voting.

2 thoughts on “What Are the Top-Ten Cool Names for Girls and Boys? Check Out the Early Voting Results.

  1. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post about baby names. I was looking for some cool baby names for boys and girls in your article. I have picked the name Amelia from your list.

    If you would like to find out the meaning or origin any of the names in the article, you can simply search at babynology.com.

    • Jim, thanks for letting me know you liked my post about cool names and that you especially liked the name Amelia. I picked the name because its most famous namesake is Amelia Earhart, who was the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic ocean. What an inspiring name for a girl! If you’re interested in learning more about the name there are two sources: the German root means “hard working.” The latin root was an early variation of Emily. Jim, thanks for mentioning another source for information about baby names

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