“Everyone is Obsessed With Baby Names” in Glasgow, Scotland

In a column published in the Glasgow Evening Times, Rachel Loxton writes about a friend of hers who is pregnant.

Rachel’s friend is starting to deal with “bump touching,” (Friends see the bump. Friends touch the bump.) But there’s another, more troubling issue: “Everyone is obsessed with baby names.”  “If another person gets upset over a baby name…I like, I’ll scream.” Rachel’s comment. “When it comes to baby names prepare to be judged. Everyone has an opinion and they’re not afraid to say it.”

Apparently author Katie Hopkins has been on TV promoting her book (The Class Book of Baby Names)–which essentially boils down to criticizing parents who give babies names Katie Hopkins thinks are “down market” (Brit-speak for “lower class”).

I realize I could be accused of the same thing, but my targets are usually celebrities or fans who try to mimic celebrities’ self-indulgent behavior. I advise parents to pick names that will work well for their children; rather than names that call attention to the parents’ need for attention (e.g., by naming their children North (West), Moon Unit, or Pilot Inspektor).

If the theme of baby-naming stress in Scotland strikes a chord, you might want to check out an article I wrote about Katie Hopkins a few months ago, when she was causing “baby-naming stress” in Ireland.

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