Dear Bruce: “Teen Mom” Star Kailyn Lowry Wants a Spanish Name for Her Baby

Why? Her husband is Javi Marroquin. They’re looking for a name that will work well in both English and Spanish. As soon as I read the headline of the article in, I had an answer. One of the most popular blogs I’ve written is about finding names that will work well for couples from different cultures or countries—who may speak different languages. It suggests a strategy that would work well for Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin. Pick place names. Why? No matter what language people speak, most people are familiar with them and can pronounce them. like Francisco (San Francisco) and Rosa (Santa Rosa).

Although I don’t know where Javi Marroquin is from, let’s imagine he’s from California. If so, here are 20 California place names (many that reflect California’s strong Spanish influence). Anyone living in or near those places (whether Anglo or Spanish) will undoubtedly  know how to pronounce them in their native tongue.

California Place Names for Girls: Avalon, Barbara (Santa Barbara), Clara (San Clara), Clarita (San Clarita), Maria (Santa Maria), Monica (Santa Monica), Paula (Santa Paula), Rosa (Santa Rosa), Soledad, Sonoma and Tracy

California Place Names for Boys: Bruno (San Bruno), Carlos (San Carlos), Cruz (Santa Cruz), Fernando (San Fernando, Francisco (San Francisco), Marcos (San Marcos), Mateo (San Mateo), Pablo (San Pablo), Rafael (San  Rafael), Ramon (San Ramon)

If you and your partner are from different countries, ethnic groups or speak different languages–consider place names as a source of names that could work well for you and your partner and your families.

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