Nameberry’s Latest List of New TV Character Names to Consider for Your Baby

I enjoyed reading the latest TV character names from Nameberry so I could catch a glimpse of names that might have the potential to streak from “never heard of it” to next year’s “hot” name on the SSA top-1000 list. I suppose the names are of even greater interest to people  who like to discover cool new names before they become popular. Of course, while some of these names are likely to become “hot,” others are likely to remain “cold”—because there is something awkward and/or strange (in an uncool way) about the names or the characters’ identity.

Cool or Uncool TV Character Names?

Female characters: Aylee, Clarissa, Davina, Freya, Kenna, Lulu, Sawyer

Male characters: Alaric, Dash, Jedikiah, Killian, Kives, Roscoe

I recently wrote a post offering “35 Reasons Not to Name Your Child After Currently Popular Celebrities.” Here are just two of the “reasons”: Miley (twerking) Cyrus and  Lance (doping) Armstrong. People change.

For the same reason that it’s risky to hitch your child’s image to a celebrity whose career might suffer a “train wreck,” it’s also risky to hitch your child’s image to a TV character. A character’s name might seem cool to you, but the character could be a sociopath–or could turn into a sociopath in a future episode.

Extreme caution is required when considering names with pop-culture links for your child—whether you’re considering the name of a TV character or the actor who plays the character.

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