I Enjoyed Nick Allen’s Article Comparing Crazy California Names with Sensible English Names

Nick Allen’s an Englishman who lives in L.A–and he’s expecting. I got the impression he’s either hoping for a boy or he’s definitely got a boy on the way. Currently, he fancies Dove (or Ocean or Pacific) whom he pictures hanging out with his buddies Zen and Jazz at the Venice Beach skateboard park or surfing with babes named Azuba and Padme.

Then he wonders what would happen if Dove spent some time in England and had to make friends with Tom and Harry. As you can see, it’s an altogether entertaining article, even if he doesn’t include a typical Lansky smack-down of self-indulgent baby names. Oh well, I can’t win ‘em all.

But do read Allen’s article in the “Telegraph.” anyway.



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