Halle Berry and her French Husband Choose a Spanish Name for Their Baby Boy: Maceo Martinez.

So many articles about celebrity baby names are “puff pieces” planted to curry favor with celebs, it’s unusual to read an article that discusses the issues faced by celebrity parents from different countries and cultures.

Halle Berry is a popular American movie star whose mother had German and Irish ancestors and whose father was an African-American. Berry’s husband is a French movie star named Olivier Martinez. Although Martinez is a Frenchman, his father’s family was originally from Spain.

The Voxxi article briefly discusses issues relating to show biz. If Maceo Martinez decides to become an actor like his parents when he grows up, will he be limited to Latino parts? My guess: if he is as attractive as his movie-star parents—that may not be a problem.

I suggest you read the Voxxi article, which comes with an attractive photo of the parents. If you’re a fan of Halle Berry, I hope you won’t mind a slight quibble: Although Maceo Martinez is an extremely euphonious name, I suspect a less esoteric name like Mateo (the Spanish form of Matthew) or Miguel (the Spanish form of Michael) would probably “work better” for an actor (or movie director or producer) trying to launch his career in America.

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