39 Good Reasons Not to Name Your Baby After Currently-Popular Celebrities

Baby name pundits (including me) get significant  coverage for articles that call attention to “hot names” climbing SSA’s popularity list. Many of the names seem to owe their new-found glamour to  celebrities who are making names for themselves as TV and movie actors, models, big-name athletes of all kinds and teen-age singing sensations who are innocent as Bambi. But have you seen any recent photos of Miley Cyrus performing? If not, take a look; you may not like what you see. Miley Cyrus is way past “innocent.”

While it makes sense for pundits to look for the “reason” names the name Mila is “hot,” (thanks to actor Mila Kunis and Jenna Bush Hager’s decision to call her baby girl Mila),  it makes even more sense for expectant parents to avoid naming their babies after currently popular celebrities.

Why? Because so many celebrities have trouble keeping money, fame, power, sex and a feeling of entitlement in perspective.   “Train wrecks” (including drug addiction, “treatment,” jail or suicide) could happen to almost any celebrity. You never know when your favorite ballplayer, movie star or singer will lose his or her appeal and go from “positive role model” to “front page mug shot” in a single day. And a fallen celebrity is the last person you want people to think of when they hear your child’s name.

From Phil (homophobic slurs) Robertson and Anthony (sexting) Weiner to Paula (racial slurs) Deen and Miley (twerking) Cyrus—here are 39 good reasons not to name your baby after a currently-popular celebrity:

Phil (homophobic slurs) Robertson

Miley (twerking) Cyrus

Paula (racial slurs) Deen

Anthony (sexting) Weiner

Lance (doping) Armstrong

Amy (alcohol and drug abuse) Winehouse

Amanda (DUI) Bynes

Lindsey (drug addiction) Lohan

Britney (hit & run) Spears

Fiona (drug abuse) Apple

Barry (steroids) Bonds

John (drug addiction) Belushi

Erin (DUI) Brokovich

Jose (steroids) Canseco

David (DUI) Cassidy

Roger (steroids) Clemons

Gary (domestic violence) Coleman

Jason (steroids) Giambi

Mel (DUI; domestic violence; bigotry) Gibson

Hulk (steroids) Hogan

Marion (steroids) Jones

Janis (heroin addiction) Joplin

Heather (DUI) Locklear

Mark (steroids) McGwire

Al (DUI) Michaels

Jim (alcohol addiction; indecent exposure) Morrison

Chad (domestic violence) Ochocinco

Lamar (DUI) Odom

Andy (steroids) Pettitte

Rafael (steroids) Palmeiro

Mackenzie (substance abuse) Phillips

River (drug addiction) Phoenix

Oscar (on trial for murder) Pistorius

Manny (steroids; domestic violence) Ramirez

Alex (steroids) Rodriguez

Pete (gambling) Rose

Sammy (steroids) Sosa

Rick (DUI) Springfield

Randy (DUI) Travis

I was a huge fan of Lance Armstrong before the doping rumors were finally corroborated by his teammates. And, as it happens, some of my friends used to call me Lance. (But that doesn’t happen any more.) How many of these celebrities did you admire–before the unflattering news came out?

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