There’s a Rising Tide of Children Sporting Bizarre Names in School

Here’s a list of names selected by teachers who are increasingly aware of a rising tide of bizarre names (many of which were impossible to spell-check) in their school system.* I found the list in an article by Stephanie Masters published in the Courier Mail.

To help you see how eclectic this list is, I’ve tried to organize the names by categories, starting with “Altered Spellings” of recognizable names and “Alphabet Soup.” Parents also picked names that reflected: “Abstract Ideas,” ways to say “You Are Loved,” a list of “Personal Qualities,” and “Things.”

FYI, all these unusual names were found in the schools of Logan City*:

Altered Spellings: Baylea, Bayleigh, Ceasar, Darian, Emmerson, Izack, Kaelani, Khaileb, Leilesha, Mikaah, Millieka, Romaine, Santiana, Shaylani, Tanyce, Zenen,

Alphabet Soup: Alareal, Ataria Avantika, Caylis, Jadzia, Jetiis, Jezzer, Kahu, Kalaize, Khynan, Kovee, Narvasha, Qaira, Shizia, Taylay,

Abstract Ideas: Australasia, De ja Vu, Freedom, Heritage, Styles,

You Are Loved: Cherish, De ja Vu, Miracle, Precious,

Personal Qualities: Beautiful, Bravado, Brilliance, Felicitas, Gorgeous, Twinkle,

Things: Hawke, Sapphire, L-Car (pronounced Ledashcar), Psalmz,

Now that you’ve read the names, you may enjoy a few quotes from Masters’ article:

One teacher who had worked in Logan for more than 20 years said she had seen names become more bizarre over the years. “It’s like a competition as to who can come up with the most unique, bizarre name,” she said. “We don’t see John Smith or Mark Brown anymore – those names are long gone.” The teacher said while many children in Year 1 often had difficulty learning to spell their own name, no one batted an eyelid during roll call. “Sometimes it’s a matter of taking a deep breath and trying not to laugh. “These children do have to grow up to be adults and most of the ones with unusual names will have to spell them out for the rest of their lives.”

*No, Logan City is not located in America; it’s a city in Southeastern Australia—in the vicinity of Brisbane. Does that surprise you?

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