Hawaiian Woman With 36-Letter Name Wins 21-Year Battle to Have It Printed on Government Documents

Here’s an interesting BBC story (see link below) about a woman who acquired a name with 36 letters and 19 syllables in 1992 via marriage. (Her maiden name was Worth.) Janice Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele’s name is so long, it will not fit on government documents. So, she has been fighting the government for 21 years for the right to have her married name printed on her driver’s license. Apparently, she’s finally succeeded.

If you like stories about people fighting for their rights, you may enjoy the article. As noble as her cause may be, I’m an advocate of selecting names that create a positive impression and that are a pleasure to use every day for the child, the parents (and in this case) for the wife. Clearly, her married surname has been more of a struggle or burden than pleasure.

Instead of shortening the name so it would work better for her and others, she chose to fight. I wonder if she’ll be as happy now as she was before she won the right to have her un-spellable and un-pronounceable name printed on government documents.

One of the issues that comes up in dating is how “geographically desirable” the person you’ve just met might be for you. Now I realize that there is another issue in dating that is worth considering: whether the person you just met is onomastically desirable.

BBC News – Long-named US woman celebrates government climb-down.

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