Stuck on a Name? Consider “Initial Names” as Clever Options

My Favorite cyclist in the Tour de France was an American named TeJay Van Garderen. Based on his 5th-place finish in the 2012 Tour de France and his victory in the 2013 Amgen Tour of California, he was America’s best hope to win the 2013 Tour de France. But that’s not why I cheered him on while watching the evening race summaries in the privacy of my living room. I couldn’t help rooting for Tejay because he had such a cool “initial name.”

Of course, I enjoyed watching Christopher Froome ride away from almost everyone, (except Nairo Quintano) in the Pyrenees and the Alps. I also enjoyed watching the sprinters: Marcel Kittel, André Greipel, Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish go all out at the end of the races on flat terrain. (On major climbing days, the sprinters were typically too far behind to have any chance of winning.)

So I might as well list my three favorite names from the 2013 Tour de France and get it over with: Tejay (pronounced TEE-jay) Van Garderen, Ryder Hesgedal and Thibault (pronounced TEE-bo) Pinot.

That done, I’m ready to reveal this baby-naming trouble-shooting tip: if you’re having trouble finding a name for your child, add some “initial names” to your list. Using initials creatively could enable you to come up with a name that is both clever and cool and may be just right for your child. Here’s a baby-naming situation that might have you stumped. Imagine your name is Thomas Jordan Hickenlooper and it’s a family tradition to pass the father’s name along to the first son. But you didn’t enjoy sharing your name with your father and don’t want to repeat that awkward scenario with your son or daughter.

Here’s a list of initial-name options for the initials TJ that you might want to consider: T. J. , or Teej or Tejay or Teejay or Tee Jay or T. Jay or T. Jaye. (FYI, I prefer Teejay to Tejay, because you’ll know how to pronounce it when you read it.) Below is a set of options for 22 different two-letter initial combinations. To prevent teasing, I deleted  Peejay or Jaypee as options.

As you can see, many of these initial names are gender-neutral in that they are likely to work well for either boys or girls.  However, some of the names may work better for girls (e.g., Jaye P., P. Jaye, Ceejay, Kaycee, Deecee or DeeDee) and some may work better for boys (e.g., Ace, Ajay, Jeep, Jay P., Pete, Peej, or Zed).

Initial Names

AC or Ace or Acee or A. Cee

AJ or Aje or Ajay or A. Jay

BJ or Beej or Beejay or B. Jay

D. D. Deed or DeeDee

C. J. or Ceej or Ceejay or C. Jay or C. Jaye

D. C. or Deece or Deecee or Dee Cee or D. Cee

J. C. or Jayce or Jaycee or Jay Cee or Jaye Cee or J. Cee

J. D. or Jade or Jayde or Jaydee or J. Dee

J. P. or Jeep or Jay P.

J. T. or Jaytee or J. Tee or Jay Tee or Jaye Tee or Jay T. or Jaye T.

K. C. or Kayce or Kaycee or Kay Cee or K. Cee

K. T. or Kayte or Kaytee or Kay Tee or K. Tee

M. B. or Embee or Em Bee or M. Bee

M. J. or EmJay or EmJaye, or M. Jay or M. Jaye

M. T. or Emtee or Em Tee or M. Tee

P. J. or Peej or  P. Jay or P. Jaye

P. T. or Pete or P. Tee or

M. Q. or Em Q. or M. Queue

Q. T. or Cuetee or Qtee or Q. Tee

T.D. or Teedee or T. Dee

T. J. or Teej or Tejay or Teejay or Tee Jay or T. Jay

X. T. or Extee or Ex Tee or X. Tee

Z. D. or Zed or Zeedee or Zee Dee or Z. Dee

P.S. Initial names that “stand for something”:  I just added T.D. (which also means “touchdown”), so it’s a great name for a family of football “nuts.” I thought of adding P.S. (which also means post script) but it sounds to much like B.S. (which also means bullshit) so I don’t want to suggest it. Another set of initials which has another meaning is Q.T. (which also means either quiet–as in secret–or cute). Initials that have another meaning–like the ones I have listed in this post script are an especially good way to go if you like the idea of initial names–because they aren’t just cute they also stand for something.

But now that we’re on this topic, don’t get carried away. Avoid picking initial names that stand for something most people find unpleasant. I’ve already mention B. S. in this context. Other initial names that could backfire are M. S., S. T. D., or F. U.–to name just a few which come quickly to mind.

P.P.S. Just thought of another benefit of initial names: They can be very versatile in that they are short and snappy like nicknames, but the initials also convey a sense of formality (as though they stand for impressive, formal names which, for the sake of humility, were not used).

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