Adam Lind’s Daughters Will Both Have Trendy Names: Paislee and Aubree

“Teen Mom 2” star, Adam Lind, and his new girlfriend, Taylor Halbur are expecting and have announced the name they’ve chosen for their baby girl: Paislee. Adam and Taylor expect the child to be born in the next month.

Although the Examiner reports a cat fight between Taylor and Adam’s ex-girlfriend, “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska (with whom Adam had a daughter named Aubree), I was attracted to the story by the names (and spellings) chosen for Adam’s two daughters.

Wikipedia defines Paisley as a design using a droplet (or kidney-shaped) motif of Persian or Indian origin that has been used for centuries in both men and women’s fashions. Paisley is the16th fastest rising girl’s name, which is now ranked #104. Although Paislee has not yet shown up among the top-1,000 girl’s names—I’d bet it is now or soon will be be a white-hot name.

Aubrey is an increasingly popular girl’s name currently ranked #15, which is steadily moving up towards the top-10. The German root means “noble” or ”bearlike; the French root means “blond ruler” or “elf ruler.” Aubree is an even faster-rising variation of that name, currently ranked at #60. The “ee” suffix indicates it is more closely related to the French root, and makes the name more appropriate for use as a girl’s name. (By contrast, Aubrey is used for both boys and girls).

With both girls sporting trendy names with the same “ee” suffiix, both names are likely to spark interest and admiration when mentioned in the same breath. Although my interest in trendy names seems to have lured me into the middle of an awkward, uncomfortable situation between Adam, Taylor and Chelsea, the names all three parents have chosen for the girls may be one aspect of the arrangement that is looking good–and giving friends and fans a reason to believe that the girls will be well-cared for.

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