Six Names Under Consideration for The Royal Baby

Thousands of tourists and media people are still waiting outside Buckingham Palace to find out what name Kate and William will pick for their royal baby, who is now home from the hospital. Here’s a quick listing of the names most likely to be under consideration and a few I suggest would be great choices.

George has the highest odds (paying 12 to 1)of being chosen, based on the odds established by British betting casinos. It’s also the name of Queen Elizabeth’s father King George V1, whose story was charmingly told in an Oscar-winning movie starring Colin Firth. So there are three good reasons this will be the winning choice.

Philip is one of William’s three middle names which may explain why bettors think it is the second most likely choice (paying 23 to 1). Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeth’s husband and the baby’s great grandfather. But only 8 names have been used for English kings in 1,000 years, and Philip isn’t one of them.

Louis is another of William’s middle names, which may explain why it is the third most popular name for British bettors (which would pay 25 to 1). But a very strong association with 16 French kings makes it a fairly unlikely choice.

Edward was the name of the King who abdicated the throne to marry the brash American, Wallace Simpson, which was viewed by royals as a scandal. As a result, his brother Albert (who became King George V1) ascended to the throne, which is why I think this is a highly unlikely choice.

James was the name of the first king of England, Ireland and Scotland whose rein began in 1603. He was also known for the King James bible, which is still one of the best-selling books ever published. Although it would be a great choice, James is not perceived to be very likely.

Arthur is not a currently viewed as a front-runner, but I hope Kate and William are discussing it as I write this post. Arthur was a historical king whose adventures have taken on a legendary, storybook
quality. You may recall he gained the throne because he was the only knight who could pull a sword named Excalibur out of a rock–a stunt stage-managed by Arthur’s advisor–a magician by the name of Merlin.
Picking this name would turn the birth of the royal baby into an world-wide event even more exciting and heartwarming than it already is.

Richard is another name which would create an aura of greatness. You’ll recall Richard “the Lionheart” was a king who had fought in the third crusade. I doubt that the fictional Robin Hood actually helped him regain the throne, but it’s a great story and the reason why this name, like Arthur, would be a publicists dream.

As you can see, I think George is the most likely choice, but I’m rooting for Arthur or Richard.

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