My Terrible, Awful, Painful, Stressful Day at the Dentist and the TV Studio

Yesterday was a terrible, awful, painful, stressful, day—that turned out pretty well, considering what I went through. I had chosen July 23 as the date for a complicated and expensive 4-hour dental surgery procedure (which I’d put off, successfully for 2 years). The appointment had been made 3 months in advance for 7:30 AM. Unfortunately, I got a call from KSTP-TV (the day before my operation) saying they wanted me on TV on July 23 (in the afternoon)–to talk about the British “royal baby” who didn’t yet have a name.

I didn’t get much sleep the night before the operation; I longer I stayed awake, the more I worried about how I would be able to go on TV after getting little or no sleep, going through a draining operation with a mouth full of Novacain and wearing a new retainer (which might slur my words).

When I got into the office the morning after, I thought I should write a note to Maggie Sliter, the segment producer, apologizing for being brain-dead and tongue-tied. But my publicist, Tom Nelson told me that viewers would never know I’d been drugged and strapped in a dental chair for four and a half hours that morning. He invited me to watch the video.

I’m usually embarrassed by watching myself on TV, but it was a surprisingly lively segment during which I covered British royal history from King Arthur through George VI (played by Colin Firth in “the King’s Speech). I commented on 6 boy’s names likely to be under consideration. (As of this point in time, a name has not yet been chosen.) If you want to see how the TV interview turned out, click on the video link.

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