And the Winner Is: George Alexander Louis

I had just finished posting an article at 12:56 PM about six boy’s names I thought might be or should be under consideration for the royal baby. After pressing “publish” I decided to check my e-mail. The first item I found was this newsfeed: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis.”

Finally! Phew! That’s great news for people in the U.K. and throughout the world whose imaginations and hearts have been captured by the birth and naming of a prince who is likely to become a future King of England.

And, it’s pretty darned good news for me. Yesterday on a KSTP-TV interview in Minneapolis-St. Paul, I picked George as the most likely choice. And, today in the blog I just posted, I reiterated that prediction for several reasons:
1) It was the #1 choice of British bettors. (I’d just finished reading a book on “crowdsourcing” which is why I had given this betting odds strong credence.)
2) Queen Elizabeth’s father, whose given name was Albert, chose King George VI as his official royal name. It is hard to imagine that the queen did not play a major role in this baby-naming decision.
3) To make the choice even more appealing, King George VI’s story had been popularized in a heart-winning and Academy Award-winning movie, “The King’s Speech.” You may recall that he had overcame his profound shyness and stuttering to make a stirring radio speech in which he declared war against the Germans in 1939.

You may also recall that Alexandra was the number 1 choice of British bettors, should the baby have been a girl. If chosen, Alexandra would have paid 2 to 1. Although Alexander was not one of the leading boy’s names in the minds of bettors, I think it’s no coincidence that Alexander (not a traditional name for English Kings) was chosen as George’s first middle name. (My guess? Word got out that Kate loved the name Alexandra.)

And, how interesting to discover that Louis, one of William’s middle names was chosen as George’s second middle name. (I suppose William liked the name a lot. Perhaps he used it on informal occasions.)

If you’ve read any of my “celebrity baby-name” articles, you know I often take great delight in pointing out the folly of self-indulgent celebrity baby names (North West was the most recent example.) But I look at the royal baby name as a name that has to work on two levels: as the boy’s official (formal) royal name and as the name he’ll be called by friends, family, and the media from the time he’s a baby until he’s crowned king. (All names need to work on both on formal and informal levels–but George’s royal status elevates the need for a name that works particularly well on formal occasions.)

I give George Alexander Louis thumbs up for both purposes. The name George is highly regarded in Great Britain. And “The Royal Speech” has put a very positive spin on how the name will be received, worldwide. What I like even more is the baby’s first middle name, Alexander. It is one of the most powerful names (think Alexander the Great) and one of the most versatile names ever: there are scores of variations and nicknames George can use if he ever gets tired of his royal name or wants to go incognito).

P.S. I started writing this post a little after 1:00 PM CST. Checking my watch, I see it’s 2:35 PM CST. So it took me almost an hour to dash this off and then re-read it a few times to make a few edits. And, now it’s time for lunch.

P.P.S. I just went back and reread my first royal baby post I wrote back in January when the Kate’s pregnancy was announced. This was my final advice:

“Be conservative. Very conservative. Who do you think will have the last word on the royal baby’s name? William? Kate? Me? Think again. Who refused to let Prince Charles marry the love of his life, until he showed her the AARP card he had received in the mail?”

Yes, Queen Elizabeth is still calling the shots in Buckingham Palace and apparently, her heart still “belongs to daddy.”

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