Now That Kate’s In Labor, the Big Question: Which Pre-Owned Royal Name Will They Pick?

Now that The Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labor, I’m nostalgic for the time (a few months ago) when Americans were wondering whether Kim and Kanye were unhinged enough to pick one of the names they had leaked on “The Tonight Show” or through their friends: North, Easton, or a variety of k-names including Khrist.

If British bettors have identified the most likely names for the royal baby, the big question seems to be which pre-owned royal name will they pick? Will the baby be named after its paternal grandmother (Diana), paternal great grandmother (Elizabeth Alexandra) paternal great grandfather (Philip) or paternal great, great grandfather (George). Other likely options include Charlotte (Princess Charlotte: 1766-1868) or Louis (the name of 18 French kings).

If you’ve been hoping Kate would escape her royal handlers and show up as a surprise guest on a late-night talk show to dish some dirt with Dame Edna–it’s not going to happen. So now we’ll just have to wait and see which pre-owned royal name they pick (Alexandra and George are the current betting favorites); or if they’ll abandon the most likely names and go with a name that reflects their own personal preference.

We’ll all find out at the same time, when the royal baby name is written on the “royal easel” that’s been set up for this occasion outside Buckingham palace.

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