The Latest Odds: What Will William and Kate Name Their Royal Baby?

Apparently, we’re getting very close to the “birthday” of a royal baby. In the U.K. people are excited and can hardly wait to find out the gender and name of the newest member of the royal family. Naturally, they are betting on the outcome.

Let’s take a quick look at the current betting odds for the most likely names, what kind of impression names under consideration make and some practical considerations. (FYI, the star ratings, impressions, and other considerations are from the 5-Star Baby Name Advisor. The betting odds are from British betting casinos, thanks to Nameberry.)

If it’s a girl:

Betting Odds: 2:1
Rating: 3 stars
First Impression: Alexandra has a royal image—and expects to be treated accordingly.
Practical Considerations: Lots of great nicknames, including Ali, Alex, Lexi, Sandra, Sasha—but what will people call her? It’s a popular and versatile name with a snobby image. Currently the leading contender should the royal baby be a girl.

Betting Odds: 4:1
Rating: 5 stars
First Impression: Charlotte is considered a calm and collected thinker with a sexy allure.
Practical Considerations: Although Charlotte has an old-fashioned image (perhaps because of author Charlotte Bronte) it always seems to be in vogue.

Betting Odds: 6:1
Rating: 5 stars
First Impression: Diana is described as a sweet, generous and poised princess.
Practical Considerations: Lady Di was one of the most popular and beloved princesses ever. Will the royal baby will be named after her grandmother?

Betting Odds: 6:1
Rating: 4 stars
First impression: Elizabeth is considered compassionate and demure, but guarded and somewhat snobby.
Practical Considerations: An extremely versatile name with even more variations than Alexandra, but will the royal baby will be named after her great grandmother, the current Queen Elizabeth?

Rating: 4 stars
First Impression: People picture Mary as a nurturing and gentle mother who is traditional and religious.
Practical Considerations: From 1900 to 1950, Mary was easily the most popular name for girls. Since then, it’s popularity and appeal have been sliding downhill.

If it’s a boy:

Betting Odds: 12:1
Rating: 3 stars
First Impression: A less than stellar image for competence, smarts and trustworthiness–thanks largely to George W. Bush, but in the U.K., the name has a royal ring to it. King George V1, Queen Elizabeth’s father, was played by Colin Firth in a popular movie, “The King’s Speech.”
Practical Considerations: Currently the leading contender, should the royal baby be a boy.

Rating: 3 stars
Betting Odds: 23:1
First Impression: Phillip comes across as a name that seems well-suited for a pampered aristocrat.
Practical Considerations: Naming a boy Phillip would honor Prince Phillip, his great grandfather.

Rating: 4 stars
Betting Odds: 25:1
First impression: Louis comes across as a French name and is historically associated with a long line of French Kings.
Practical Considerations: Apart from confusion about how to pronounce the name (LOO-is or LOO-ee?), the French royal connection seems likely to limit the appeal of this name for a British royal figure.

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