Cricket is Birdie’s New Baby Sister; There’ll Be Lots of Chirping in Busy Philipps’ Home

Cougar Town’s Busy Philipps and hubby Marc Silverstein announced the birth of her baby daughter, Cricket Pearl. Busy Philipps, whose given name was Elizabeth Jean, knows something about living with an unusual name. She started life with a traditional, feminine name and now has a name that conjures up a stressful image.

Cricket and Birdie sound like charming nicknames for little “lady bugs” and “lady birds” chirping around the house. But what will they be called on more formal occasions when they graduate high school, apply to college, go on a job interview or a blind date? Unfortunately, both names work well during childhood and on informal occasions but won’t work as well when the girls are adults. (It’s hard to imagine a professor or doctor named Cricket–or Birdie, for that matter.)

Unfortunately, Cricket’s middle name, Pearl, is not much help as a “safety name” or “fallback position” when Cricket tires of her chirpy name.
So, although I find the name Cricket “cute as a bug in a rug,” I’m giving it one thumb down.

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